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Happy new year and happy new Chat-bot add-on

We celebrate this new year with a new revolutionary add-on for Salon Booking System called “Salon Booking Messenger Chat-bot”.

This brand new add-on will change the way your customers will book your services. They now will be able to book your services through Facebook Messenger platform in a very easy way just answering to automated questions from our chat-bot.

We have Special 50% discount coupon code for you to try this new booking tool.

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All the details on this add-on here:

Salon booking chatbot

Salon Booking System Restful API

Salon Booking System – RESTFUL API


I want you to know that Salon Booking System plugin from the 3.25 version is equipped with full set of API.

Our API can be used to make your own platform to communicate with Salon Booking System plugin installed on your WordPress website that can be used as the back-end engine of your own mobile app, or for your custom platform.

Here the list of the API available:


Salon Booking System 3.26 is ready


We are happy to announce a new release of Salon Booking System plugin.

The 3.26 version will bring brand new features and many important improvements.

Let’s see them in details:


Assistants selection only from back-end

A new option that will skip the assistant selection step on front-end but still possible from back-end to the salon administrator.


Disable second shift

A new option that allows you to disable the “Second shift” option in case you don’t need it.


Cancel a reservation from Google Calendar

If you have enabled the synchronization with Google Calendar now you can also cancel a reservation simply deleting the event from your Google Calendar.


Sms notifications Whatsapp support

The Twilio users will be benefiting from this new feature that will allows to use Whatsapp to send booking notifications.

To use this feature you need to have a Twilio telephone number and a Whatsapp business profile.

As this feature is still in beta version on Twilio platform you need to request to enable your Twilio number for Whatsapp here:



New parameters for the [salon_booking_calendar] short-code

We’ve added two new parameters:

visibility = “public”

in order to make the calendar visible to the public

days = “10”

in order to decide how many days to be displayed for the upcoming reservations


Restful API

We’ve developed a complete set of API in order to use Salon Booking System inside your third party platforms.

Here the API docs:


We also made some improvements to the plugin interface:

– “Amount to be paid” inside the booking details on back-end and email notification
– We’ve added more booking details inside the SMS notifications

– We’ve added a real-time availability check on the “assistants” drop-down menu inside the back-end booking creation page.


A bunch of bugs have been fixed:

– Fixed bug on customers search field
– Fixed bug on adding customers from back-end
– Fixed back-end calendar starting week day
– Fixed service booking direct link
– Fixed bug on custom field saving



What’s next?

We are working on “Salon Booking Mobile app” for IOs and Android platforms dedicated to salon administrators and collaborators where they can control, add and manage their reservations. This app will be provided for free to our Premium users.

The app will be available by the end of 2018. Stay tuned!


We are going to release a new add-on called “Salon Booking chat-bot“. Your customers can book a reservation trough your Facebook fanpage messaging system.



Salon Booking Multi-Shops add-on is finally ready for Beta testing

After long time we can finally announce the release of the first Beta version of our Multi-Shops add-on.

This add-on has been designed for those who need to manage multiple branches of their salons from the same website and from the same interface.

The Multi-Shops will be distributed for free until the Beta testing phase is completed.

After that phase Multi-Shop will be sold for 89,00 euros per year.

As a Beta version it’s probably that you’ll encounter some issues, please report them to us in order to provide a quick fix.

At this link you’ll find all the details on setup and features:

Salon Booking System – Multi-Shops


Salon Booking 3.23 is now available


After the summer break we are ready to release a new version of Salon Booking.

In this version we focused our efforts on the resolutions of a bunch of bugs and some little improvements.

One interesting improvement is related to the reservations added from back-end. Now you’ll see instantly which service are available for a reservation just opening the drop-down menu.



In the next release this improvement will be added even to the assistants selection.

We are still working on the “Multi Shops” add-on

and we count to complete it in three weeks. We’ll keep you posted.


Salon Booking short-codes to simplify your life and make a better website

Salon Booking System plug-in is equipped with a set of useful short-codes that will help you implement some important functionalities inside the pages of your website in a very simple way.

Let’s see in details which are these short-codes.


Front-end appointments calendar by assistant


This short-code is very useful if you want to share with your team or with your customers the upcoming reservations organized by assistant.

This short-code has some parameters that allows you to decide which assistants columns to be displayed.

For example, you could dedicate different pages of your website to display the reservations of your assistants. A page for each assistants. Just place this short-code in this way:

[salon_booking_calendar assistants =3]

Where 3 is the ID of your assistant.

If you want to display in the calendar two of your assistants just use this way:

[salon_booking_calendar assistants =3,5]

By default this calendar is visibile only to your logged in user but we are working to a new parameter that allows you to make it public.

[salon_booking_calendar assistants =3,5 public=true]

Let’s see it in action:



Services list


This short-code will save you a lot of time on content editing as it will list out all of your services inside the page where you’ll place it.

It’s equipped with some parameters that will allows you to decide:

– which services to be displayed
– which services category to be displayed
– how many columns to be used to display your services
– if you want to use default css style or not

Let’s see an example:

[ salon_booking_services styled=true columns=“2” category=“3,4”]

Let’s see it in action:


Assistants list



This short-code is like the previous one, it’s a real time saving tool that will list out all of your assistant with relative name, photo, description and skills.

Even here you have some parameters to customize the desired output. By default it will show all the information about every single assistant but you can decide which information to be displayed, how many columns and if to use the default CSS style.

Let’s see an example:

[ salon_booking_assistant columns=“3” display=“name, photo, description”]

Let’s see in action:



There are other two short-codes that are automatically placed inside different pages when the plugin is activated:

Front-end booking form


Inside a new page called “booking”


Customer personal account


Inside a new page called “booking my account”


Do you have any useful suggestion for these short-codes?

booking classes

Booking classes with Salon Booking System plugin

In this post I’ll show you how to use Salon Booking System plugin to manage booking for your classes.

Since the 3.22 version Salon Booking System plugin has a new option that allows your assistants to be booked more times for the same date/time slot.

This means that our appointment system can be used for teachers and school managers that offer tuitions to multiple customers during the same session.


Let’s make an example on how to correctly set-up Salon Booking System plugin for your “Dance school”.

Let’s say your school offers three kind of dance classes:

– Latin American
– Tango
– Flamenco


Every classes is taken by a different assistant, in this case we will talk about “teachers”.

– Franco
– Jonathan
– Emily


Each classes can be attended by a maximum of 10 students and the classes are taken every day.


First step:

Go to “settings > booking rules > booking method” and select “Advanced”

Then set “customers per sessions” to “30”.

Why? You need to sum up 10 + 10 + 10 ( the maximum number of students for each class).


Second step:

Create three services, each one for a different class and set the option “Unit per hour” to “10” ( maximum number of students per session).


Third step:

Create three assistants and for each of them associate the correspondent service ( class ).

Then enable the “multiple bookings” option.


Now the booking system is ready to receive tons of reservations for your great dance school.



Did you get any problems using this settings? Get back to us, we’ll be happy to help you out.


Salon Booking System 3.22 is now available


We are ready for a new release of Salon Booking that will bring you a set of new interesting features.


Adding discount from back-end

Finally you can add one or more discounts to the reservations from the back-end. To do that you need to activate “Advanced Discount System” option from “Settings > ” section.

You need to create your desired discounts, and from that moment you’ll be able to add them to the reservations straight from the WordPress back-end.

Assistant “multiple reservations” option

We’ve added this new option inside the assistants details page that will allow a single assistant to receive more than one reservation during the same time slot.

This option is very useful for those who provide class rooms where more than one person attend the same date/time class.


GDPR improvements

We’ve added a new tab inside the “Booking my account page” where users can update their personal data.

We’ve also integrated Salon Booking with “WordPress Privacy Exporter and Eraser” API. Now the website owner is able to export and erase all the users information collected by Salon Booking system.


Bug fixes

We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs:

Fixed error with Czech language
Fixed bug with WPML and Slovenian language
Fixed modal window for feedback submission
Fixed mispelled text strings in English


Salon Booking System needs your suggestions


Salon Booking is going to invest an important amount of new financial resources on its continuous development to make it even better.

We need your precious feedback as daily user of our plugin to decide which features to work on.

It’s important to hearing from you which are the main problems you face on reservations management in order to understand what could be done on our side to simplify your daily routine.

Please dedicate five minutes to fill out this form and submit your opinion on Salon Booking System future improvements.



Fill out the form



Email notifications problems and troubleshooting

If you are experimenting problems with bookings email notifications please have a look at the following guidelines.


CASE A – No email notifications to salon administrator, nor to salon customers

– verify that your WordPress install is sending out email correctly. How? Try to reset your account password using the “Forgotten password” link on the WordPress login page.

If you don’t receive any email then there is a problem with the wpmail function of WordPress. It’s the case you should install a plugin like:

And use a custom SMPT connection to make the emails working correctly.

– If the email notifications from WordPress works correctly while those from Salon Booking not, there is something on your mail server that prevent them to work properly. Contact your hosting provider to report the problem.

You can install a plugin like:

Where you can see all the emails notifications that are triggered and eventually not delivered.

CASE B – Salon customers receive email notifications while the salon administrator not

– Check your spam folder
– Try using another email address and see if the problem persists

If none of the suggested guidelines works then get back to us.