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Salon Booking System 3.20



we’ve just released a new version of Salon Booking System plugin where we’ve added two brand new features and some improvements.


Holidays rules from back-end calendar

Now you are able to “block” specific times slots from the daily view of the back-end calendar.

Just click and drag over the time rows you want to block and then click on “Block these rows” red button.

To unlock that rows just click over the “Unlock these rows” button.



When you block one or more time rows is like adding a new Holidays rule, that means that those time slots will be not more available for booking.


Default back-end calendar view

We’ve added a new option inside “Settings > General” called “Default calendar daily view” where you can specify which views
you want to be as default view for the back-end calendar.




Administration UI improvements

We’ve lightly improved the UI of the back-end settings and calendar in order to make the interface more clear and usable especially on mobile and tablet devices.


Bug Fixes

We’ve also fixed some bugs that you can checkout on the changelog of this version.



We hope you enjoy this new release.

Salon Booking System Staff

salon booking custom fields

Salon Booking 3.19 introduces custom fields


we’ve just released a new version of Salon Booking System: 3.19

In this new version we’ve added the possibility do add “custom fields” on checkout booking form.

Now you can add as many custom fields as you want, you can choose among these types:

– text
– textarea
– select
– checkbox

You can add this fields trough the functions.php file of your theme using this code:



Once you add this code you’ll be able to manage your custom fields from

Settings > Check-out > Check-out form fields


salon booking custom fields


Your custom fields will be displayed on front-end checkout booking form.


salon booking custom fields



When the user will fill out the form you’ll be able to see the custom fields values inside:

– booking notifications emails
– booking details from back-end


What do you think about it? Do you have any suggestions for us?

Drop us an email!

Have a nice day.

Salon Booking System – Staff


Salon Booking 3.18 and Square Point of Sale IOS App

Hi! and Happy New Year!

we have some fresh news for you.

We’ve just release a new version of Salon Booking 3.18 where we have fixed some bugs and improved the plugin code for a better management of our add-ons.

The great news is the new version of Square payment method and POS official add-on where we’ve implemented the support for the Square Point of Sale iOS app.

This means that those of you that already are using Square Point of Sale iOS app at your shop now you can process bookings payments on site using Salon Booking trough Square Point of Sale iOS app.

Here a video demonstration:

For those that have already purchased the Square payment method and POS add-on for Salon Booking this feature is already bundled, you only need to update your current version.



Salon Booking 3.17.1 is available


we’ve made a minor release for Salon Booking that is 3.17.1

In this version there is one big news.

All the translations available from our Transifex account, generously made by the community, are now bundled inside the Salon Booking plugin.

That means that you don’t need to download the single translation from Transifex or request it from us.

Just set your favourite language on your WordPress install and automatically Salon Booking will use that language ( if available ).

It’s important to consider that as the translations are managed for free by the community of Transifex we cannot guarantee for their completeness or correctness.

Anyway you can always correct or complete a translation on your own website using a plugin like “LocoTranslate” or “Polylang” etc.

That said we encourage our user to contribute to Salon Booking translation here on Transifex:


Salon Booking is looking for a talented and experienced web developer

In order to reinforce our development team we are looking for an experienced and talented web developer able to demonstrate an high end knowledge in the following fields:

  • Php
  • Javascript
  • MySql
  • WordPress
  • OOP

We are looking for a freelance that will support us remotely on specific tasks related to Salon Booking development and it’s own add-ons.

If you feel like comfortable with those requirements please send your application to

Salon Booking 3.16

Salon Booking 3.16 is ready to make you happy again



we are back with a new release that will make Salon Booking better and better.

Let’s see what’s new on this 3.16 version.


1 – No more double bookings

We’ve improved the booking process adding a second realtime control during at the end of the booking process to avoid double bookings from users that are making reservation in the same instant for the same time/date


2 – Feedback submission email

We’ve added a new option inside “Settings > General > Automatic feedback submission request”. If enabled an email will be sent automatically to the customer one day after the last visit at your shop asking for a review submission.


3 -DELETE button on back-end booking editing modal window

We’ve added a “DELETE” button inside the “new booking” form from back-end calendar.


4 -Polylang support

We made some fixes in order to support Polylang plugin.


For more details this is our last changelog:


* Added a second availabilty control at the end of booking process to avoid double bookings
* Fixed missing alert on Assistant unavailability when adding reservations from back-end
* Added “DELETE” button on “New reservations from back-end calendar”
* Fixed bug with Swedish language
* Fixed “Invalid license” issue
* Added a new option to send out an email to the client after one day from the last appointment asking for a review submission
* Fixed bug with php 5.3 version
* Added Polylang support
* Removed “Always” option from the “Booking time range”


If you’ll experience any unexpected issue please contact us at


If you want to help Salon Booking improving please submit your personal review on