A London based therapists company uses our appointments booking system

Today we want to present you Target Therapies, a London based company specialized in providing Onsite Massages Therapies for business that want to offer a special benefits for their employees’ wellness.

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What kind of services this therapists company is offering?

Target Therapies provides a long list of massages therapies such like:

– Deep Tissue, Sports & Remedial Massage
– Reflexology Treatments
– Pregnancy & Lymphatic Drainage Massage
– Shiatsu / Thai Massage
– Relaxing Treatments, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy massage

All these services are provided by a team of more than twenty professionals, each of them specialised into a specific kind of therapy, distributed among eight different clinics locations.



How this therapists company is using Salon Booking System?

Target Therapies has choose Salon Booking System as their main online appointment scheduling tool for more than five years.

They use our appointment scheduling tools to manage a large amount of daily reservations as they give their customers to select among a very long list of treatments and also the possibility to choose their favorite therapists.

Using Salon Booking System, each therapist can control and manage their appointments, stay in touch with patience and keep track of the progresses of their treatments.




Which tools the therapists company is using to manage their operations?

Target Therapies is currently using Salon Booking System along with a complete set of official add-ons that answers to their specific bookings management needs.

They are using:

Multi-Shops add-on as they need to manage eight branches of their clinic
SOAP Notes add-on to keep track of their customers treatments progress
Communicator add-on to manage email marketing campaigns targeted on customer bookings habits



Which results this therapists company get after using Salon Booking System?


Central to their seamless operation is the Salon Booking System, a robust online appointment scheduling tool that Target Therapies has entrusted for over five years. Through its intuitive interface, clients can effortlessly navigate a plethora of treatment options and select their preferred therapist, while therapists themselves efficiently manage their schedules, communicate with clients, and monitor treatment progress.

Moreover, Target Therapies harnesses the power of Salon Booking System’s official add-ons to further enhance their operational efficiency. The Multi-Shops add-on facilitates the management of their multiple clinic branches, while the SOAP Notes add-on enables meticulous tracking of customer treatment progress. Leveraging the Communicator add-on, the company executes targeted email marketing campaigns tailored to their clients’ booking preferences, fostering deeper engagement and loyalty.

In essence, Target Therapies exemplifies how a synergistic blend of expertise and technology can elevate the standard of wellness services, not only enriching the lives of individual clients but also fostering a culture of employee well-being within corporate environments. As they continue their journey, Target Therapies remains committed to nurturing harmony and vitality in the heart of London’s corporate landscape.

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