• Fixed two vulnerability issues
  • Added Greek language to Web App
  • Improved back-end calendar UI
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed vulnerability issue
  • Implemented “Edit customers details from Web App”
  • Fixed link to WhatsApp number chat on “Bookings” section

9.6.9 Issues

If you are experiencing issues with booking creation from back-end, or booking approval from back-end.

Send us a message, we’ll provide you a rollback version of the plugin.

We are working to fix the issue.


  • Fixed issue with Payment method details
  • Added new “Import bookings from a CSV file” feature
  • Minors issue fixed
  • Improved File Upload custom field UI


9.6.7 – 12.04.2024

* Minor issues fixed

9.6.6 – 08.04.2024

* Minor issues fixed

9.6.6 – 04.04.2024

* Fixed vulnerability issue


9.6.5 – 27.03.2024

* Fixed issue with Google Calendar synch
* Fixed issue with Discounts when total amount is negative
* Fixed issue with Discount calculation
* Minor fixes


9.6.4 – 19.03.2024

Fixed issues with services prices on web app when multi-shops is enabled
Fixed issue with block time slots on web app when multi-shops is enabled
Fixed issue with calculation of transaction fee when deposit is enabled
Multiple attendants for single service issue is fixed
Minor bug fixes
Changed users onboarding process


9.6.3 – 05.03.2024

* Security issue addressed
* Improvements on new Booking My Account section


9.6.2 – 02.03.2024

* New layout of “Booking My Account” section
* Improved the “Add new booking” from back-end by checking the lenght of reservation
* Fixed minor issues
* Implemented minor improvements


9.6 – 20.02.2024

  • Fixed issue on plugin activation
  • Fixed issue on back-end calendar
  • Improved loading time of bookings section when large number of reservations is present
  • Fixed other minor issues

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