Category: changelog



  • Improved UI/UX of services/assistants added to a reservation from back-end (quick edit + re order drag & drop )
  • Fixed issue on the Mobile App
  • Fixed issue with Genitive form of months names for Latvia language
  • Fixed issue with add to iCal link
  • Fixed JS error issue on bakck-end calendar on “SAVE” button
  • Added telephone country code prefix to API response
  • Fixed issue with multiple SMS notifications sent to the same customer
  • Fixed issue on untracked online payments
  • Fixed Yoast plugin conflict
  • “Duplicate booking” new feature implemented
  • “Service price according to assistant selected” new feature implemented
  • “Service variable duration” new feature implemented
  • Various issues fixed
  • Fixed API call for mobile app issues
  • Added “Default booking status” option
  • Display service category name before the service name inside the “New booking” page
  • Caching issue fixed
  • Outside office hours reservations, colored in gray
  • Pending reservations, “Quick approval” feature added


  • Restored SMS provider settings fields


  • Fixed “service direct link” issue
  • Fixed issue with Greek language
  • Fixed issue with “Manual booking confirmation” option


  • Skip the very last step of the booking process if online payments are off, and if the total amount is 0
  • Improved the UI of the booking cancellation from email notification when guest checkout is enabled
  • Display the total duration of a service including the break
  • Display reservations outside the working hours on back-end calendar
  • Fixed Polish language issue
  • Fixed php 8.1 issue
  • If there is only one assistant available, then skip the assistant selection step
  • Assistants and Services permalinks now are editable
  • Removed double click from the “New booking” page time picker on back-end
  • If BASIC availability method is active, then display an alert for service duration option
  • On booking form page refresh, clear the cache
  • If “Re-schedule” option is enabled, and “Manual booking confirmation” is enabled, when customer re-schedule a confirmed reservation, then the booking status will be set on “Pending”.
  • “Add-to calendars” links are now displayed even inside the salon administrator new booking notification
  • Fixed security issues
  • Updated Freemius SDK
  • Fixed issues with missing “Assistant” inside booking details
  • Fixed issues with multiple reminders
  • Improved the “Services selection limits” – please check your current settings
  • Added a new option “Show detailed information during checkout” inside “Support” section
  • Fix for salon email address inside the last step of booking process (click on “update database” notice)
  • Added new column inside “Bookings” section with “SMS/EMAIL reminders” icons check
  • Improved first install “Welcome page”
  • Added new feature “Parallel execution” option for services
  • Fixed Discount API
  • Fixed minor issues
  • Implemented new feature: “Display slots using customer’s time-zone
  • Fixed various issues

* Fixed issues related to SMS notification
* Implemented a new Assistant feature: Booking specific dates only ( PRO users )
* Improved back-end “Customers”, and “Bookings” UI on tablet and mobile devices
* Added a new option to disable “WordPress Welcome email” for new user account

  • Fixed issue with “Re-schedule” feature
  • Implemented new feature: block time slot for specific assistant on back-end calendar daily view
  • Implemented new option UI: customer’s telephone country code select menu
  • Implemented new option: display assistant telephone number inside email notification
  • Implemented new back-end calendar improvement: daily view first column fixed on scroll


  • Added improvements to time picker on front-end
  • Fixed issue related with new service break UI
  • Added new “HTML” custom fields type
  • Fixed issue with time picker: first available slot


  • Fixed issue with bookings with break inside the back-end calendar
  • Fixed issue with Polish language on date/time picker
  • Fixed issue with New York Time-zone
  • Added a “Forgot password?” link on Booking My Account log-in form


  • Fixed issue with bookings with break inside the back-end calendar


  • Fixed various issues


  • New Date/Time picker UI
  • New Bookings reviews short-code
  • Improved service break feature
  • Email notification templating implemented


  • Automatically deactivate Free version when PRO is installed
  • New line support for custom message on new booking email notification
  •  Fixed issue on back-end calendar, assistant view, unavailable assistant row


  • Added new currencies
  • Improved UI for adding reservations from back-end
  • Fixed issues on mobile API requests
  • Added new option to edit the last step of booking process notes
  • Updated Stripe librar
  • Update obsolete code
  • Fixed Google Calendar synch events label color
  • Fixed API call for the mobile app
  • Improved settings UI
  • Fixed issue with back-end calendar daily view / assistant view issue
  • Fixed issue on Booking My Account page


  • Added keyboard arrows support to scroll the back-end calendar daily view
  • New currencies added
  • Fixed caching issue
  • added new API calls
  • Added “Stripe / Bankcontact” support
  • Fixed issues with Google Calendar events label colors
  • Fixed issue on booking cache update


  • Fixed issues on the slots calculation
  • Added Assistant unavailable slots representation on back-end calendar


  • Fixed issues on new booking modal window on mobile
  • Fixed deposit issue
  • Fixed Assistant email issue
  • Added a “one minute video tutorial” on first install
  •  Fixed issues on new booking modal window on mobile
  •  Fixed deposit issue
  • Fixed Assistant email issue
  • Added a “one minute video tutorial” on first install
  • Database auto clean-up of outdated rules
  • Display discount amount inside email notification
  • Display customer message and administration notes on booking tooltip
  • Hide “Tools” section to “Assistant”
  • Fixed booking rules slider issue on mobile device
  • Improved “select” custom field
  • Fixed issue on back-end calendar daily view / assistant view
  • Fixed issue on booking details preview box
  • skip service selection step if only one service is available
  • other minor fix
  • new back-end calendar daily view UI
  • new back-end calendar “Add booking” modal window
  • improved front-end booking process speed performance
  • email address field is now optional from back-end only
  • improved compatibility with WPML and Polylang
  • added support for mobile app languages translations
  • implemented security breach fix


  • Fixed issue with Stripe payments
  • Updated Welcome page
  • Fixed issue with customer name mismatch on email notification
  • Code improvement


  • Added new feature to connect Assistants to “Salon Staff” role users
  • Added feature to limit Assistants view to belonging bookings only