New “SOAP Notes” add-on



9.6 – 20.02.2024

  • Fixed issue on plugin activation
  • Fixed issue on back-end calendar
  • Improved loading time of bookings section when large number of reservations is present
  • Fixed other minor issues


9.5.2 – 08.02.2024

* Fixed issue on back-end calendar

9.5.1 – 07.02.2024

* Fixed vulnerability issue
* Fixed issue with SMS reminder
* Fixed Address field on checkout
* Fixed minor issues


  • Fixed minor issues
  • Fixed vulnerability issue
  • Implemented “Resource” on Web App


9.3 – 10.01.2023

* Fixed issue with Manual Booking Confirmation option
* Fixed issue with Back-end calendar
* Fixed issue with missing back-end salon booking menù items
* Fixed issue with Multiple Assistants selection, Service Variable price by assistant
* Minor improvements of booking details


  • New front-end booking form design
  • Improvements on back-end calendar booking details tool-tip
  • various fixes
  • New “Service off-set” option
  • New “Service lock” option



  • This new version requires Multi-Shops add-on to be updated too
  • If you have a payment method add-on installed, please UPDATE it to the last version available



* Display customer’s personal notes inside Web App
* Minor fixes on back-end calendar
* Fixed issue on Web App for variable quantity services
* Added new currency “Cape Verdean Escudo”
* Display customer phone on “Bookings” section and on back-end calendar
* Improved “Discounts” section on Web App
* Added “Swedish” local on Web App
* Improved UI of service break
* Minor issues



* Fixed some php issues that involve the Multi-shops add-on


* Fixed issue with integration
* Fixed issue with custom colors on “Re-Schedule” section of “Booking My Account”
* Implemented new “Assistants view” option for back-end calendar on “weekly view”
* Minor fixes



* Added “Resources” new feature – only PRO edition
* Add booking from back-end, now you can search a customer by phone number
* Display Service’s category name on Google Calendar events details


  • Various minor issues fixed


* Fixed issue with Stripe payments
* Booking my account page: Scroll to load past reservations
* Back-end calendar, Assistant view, assistants columns order, now follows the order set into “Assistants” section
* Fixed issue with Google Calendar synch
* “Discounts usages” export to CSV file new feature
* Have the accordion open if only one service exists
* Fixed issue with Web App – Customers address book

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