Salon Booking System – Multi-Shops

Before proceed read these notes carefully:

– This add-on requires a paid version of Salon Booking System plugin



Multi-Shops is the official add-on of Salon Booking System plugin and has been designed for those who need to manage multiple branches of their salon from the same website.

With Multi-Shops you can create as many shops as you want. Every shop has its own settings and booking roles even if the front-end booking process is the same for every shop.

When a customer wants to make a reservation he can choose the desired shop first and then proceed with the regular steps.

With Multi-Shops there is a new user role called “Salon Shop manager”. The administrator can assign every single shop to a different “Salon Shop manager”.

This special role can manage all the settings and the reservations of the shop that is been assigned to him.


Multi-Shops step by step set-up



– Salon Booking System Premium version ( since the 3.25 )


Shop settings


– Install and activate the Multi-Shops add-on

– Once activated you’ll find a new menù item called “Shops



– From the “Shops” section you can create your salon local branches



– Setup the “General” settings for each shop

– You can setup the “Booking rules” settings for the single shop but only if that shop timetable differs from your general “Booking rules

– You can setup the “Payments” methods for the single shop

– You can connect a specific Google Calendar account for each shop

– Use drag&drop to change the order of the shops displayed on front-end

– For each shop you can set the TIMEZONE option just in those cases a specific shop is located in a different time zone from your general settings


For all other options the system will rely on the settings made in the general section of the plugin




Assistants and Services


– You can assign an Assistant or a Service to one or more Shops from the Assistant/Service options page



– Once assigned an Assistant or a Service to one or more Shops, for each shop you could add one or more booking rules in order to reflect the real working time of that Assistant or Service inside that specific shop




Salon Shop Manager role


With the Multi-Shop add-on a new user role is created: “Salon Shop manager”.

This user can be associated by the website administrator to one or more shops.


The Salon Shop Manager have these capabilities:


– View, add and edit reservations of the shop assigned
– View and edit services of the shop assigned
– View and edit assistants of the shop assigned
– View and edit settings of the shop assigned
– View reports of the shop assigned
– View, add and edit discounts



Multi-Shops shortcode


You can use this shortcode:


to display all your shops information with a “BOOK NOW” button inside a page.


The short-code accepts some optional parameters like:


shop_id =”1″

display =”photo,name,telephone,address,email”




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