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Communicator is the official add-on for the Salon Booking System PRO edition. It harnesses AI technology to power your email marketing efforts, enabling you to precisely target your current customers based on their booking records and send them tailored email messages to highlight your upcoming promotions or any other marketing campaigns.


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What you can do with Communicator

Using a natural query language, you can effortlessly identify specific customer segments, such as those who booked a haircut last month, by simply typing:

“Customers who booked a haircut last month.”

The system will then compile a list of these users, offering you a preview for review. Should you need to, you can remove specific recipients from the list.

Following this, you can craft your message using a visual builder, utilizing drag-and-drop elements or typing it out manually.

For testing purposes, you can send a preview message to a specified email address.

Once satisfied, you have the option to either send the message immediately or schedule its delivery for a later date and time.

The system provides comprehensive reporting, detailing the number of recipients who opened your message, clicked on embedded links, as well as instances of bounces and unsubscribes.

This tool serves as an ideal means to effectively communicate with your existing customer base, mitigating the risk of sending irrelevant messages that could potentially alienate your audience.

Installation and setup of the Communicator

  • Install the add-on as you usually do with other wordpress plugins
  • enter and activate the license
  • refresh the page
  • go to “Communication” section
  • click on “Add new communication”


Examples of possible customers queries with Communicator



  • customers who made a booking last week ( month, year etc.)
  • customers who have bookings in the future
  • customer who made a booking on April 2024



  • customers who booked [SERVICE TITLE]
  • customers who booked [SERVICE TITLE]  last month ( week, year etc.)
  • customers who booked [SERVICE TITLE]  with [ATTENDANT TITLE]
  • customers who booked [SERVICE TITLE] at shop [SHOP TITLE] ( if Multi-Shops add-on is in use )

How to use the Communicator


  1. Give this message a title
  2. Query your desired customers by using a query like those mentioned before
  3. Once you like the results, confirm your target
  4. Build your message layout or simply enter the desired text
  5. Send yourself a message preview
  6. If you are happy with the message, send it right away or schedule it in the future


  • This add-on requires Salon Booking System PRO edition
  • It’s not included into the Business Plan license
  • You need to purchase it separately
Excluding 22% tax

Billed once per year until cancelled

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