Geo Referencing Assistants Plugin


This add-on allows you to geo reference your assistants in order to limit their bookings to specific areas.

This kind of add-on is useful when you provide services at customers home trough your local assistants.

Any assistant could cover only a specific area so when a customer makes a reservation, basing on his current address, he’ll be able to book only those services that are associated with those assistants that can operate in the specified area.

When this add-on is active the booking process will start from the checkout form where the user is forced to set his own address. Based on his current location he will see only those services related to his area and he will be able to select only the assistant that operates in his area.

On the back-end inside the assistant settings page you’ll see a new field where your can drag on a map the area where this assistant will operate.


It’s important that you associate services to your assistants in order to restrict the delivery of these service to a specific area.

To use the georeferencing system you need a valid Google Maps API key.


This add-on is free if you have subscribed to one of our plans.

Excluding 22% tax

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