Assistants availability rules on specific dates, resources, services

In our latest Salon Booking System plugin update, we’ve introduced exciting new enhancements to the Assistants availability rules, giving you greater control over when and how they’re accessible for new appointments reservations.


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Assistants availability rules for specific dates, resource and service

Now, you have the ability to specify the following conditions to define the assistant availability to receive new appointments:

  • Assistant availability on specific dates
  • Assistant availability on specific resources (if you utilize Resources to define availability)
  • Assistant availability on specific service


Example of assistant availability rules

Let’s delve into a practical example. Imagine you run a massage parlor with several treatment rooms, each staffed by different team members trained in various types of massages.

With our updated feature, you can now create rules ensuring that assistants are available only on designated dates and within specific rooms, catering to particular massage services.

Take Marc, for instance, who specializes in Thai massages. You can set a rule for him to be available for booking on May 23rd, between 9 AM and 3 PM, exclusively in Room Number 3, offering both “30 minutes Thai massage” and “45 minutes Thai massage”.


Benefits of the new Assistants availability rules feature

As demonstrated, our enhanced availability rules enable you to establish highly specific criteria tailored to individual staff members’ requirements.

This functionality proves particularly valuable for establishments with multiple treatment rooms and diverse team members, each with their own unique booking prerequisites.


How to enable this feature:

  • go to Assistant section
  • open the desired Assistant settings page
  • create a new “Availability rule”
  • enable “Specific date” option
  • select one or more dates from the date picker
  • select a “Resource”, if in use
  • select  a “Service”



Video demonstration of Assistant availability rules

In this short video tutorial, we’ll show you how to properly setup this new functionality of Salon Booking System



Access to this feature is included in the PRO edition of Salon Booking System.

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