With the new 8.6 version release, we are thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature in the Salon Booking System: “Resources

In addition to Services and Assistants, Resources now play a pivotal role in managing and optimizing your appointment scheduling.

Resources are invaluable when your salon offers services in specialized rooms or with dedicated tools. These resources have limited availability, and when they are already in use, it may affect your ability to accommodate new reservations, even if you have staff members available.

The flexibility of this feature allows you to add and customize resources according to your salon’s unique organization. For each resource, you can precisely define the “Units per Session,” determining how many reservations can be made for a specific time slot.

To streamline your booking process, associate specific services with each resource. This association enables our system to systematically check the availability of the resource, the corresponding service, and the available assistant, ensuring a seamless booking experience for your clients.

With “Resource-Based Reservations,” Salon Booking System empowers you to manage your salon’s resources efficiently and provide exceptional service to your clients. Experience the difference today!



Here’s a list of businesses that can benefit from the new “Resource-Based Reservations” feature in Salon Booking System:


  1. Spas: Manage dedicated massage rooms, sauna sessions, or Jacuzzi reservations efficiently.
  2. Salons with Private Styling Areas: Ensure exclusive access to private styling booths or rooms for certain services.
  3. Dental Clinics: Optimize the scheduling of specialized dental chairs and equipment for various procedures.
  4. Medical Clinics: Efficiently allocate examination rooms for different medical services and specialists.
  5. Fitness Centers: Schedule personal training sessions in dedicated workout areas or studios.
  6. Photography Studios: Book photography studios, equipment, and props for photoshoots.
  7. Meeting and Conference Rooms: Allow businesses to reserve meeting spaces with specific resources like projectors or whiteboards.
  8. Event Venues: Manage bookings for event spaces, audio-visual equipment, and catering services.
  9. Co-Working Spaces: Allocate private offices or meeting rooms equipped with specific amenities.
  10. Esthetic Clinics: Schedule treatments that require specialized equipment or treatment rooms.
  11. Beauty Salons: Ensure that specific beauty treatments are booked with the appropriate tools or stations.
  12. Wellness Centers: Optimize the use of therapy rooms, exercise equipment, or consultation spaces.
  13. Tattoo and Piercing Studios: Schedule appointments for specific artists and their workstations.
  14. Veterinary Clinics: Manage appointments for examination rooms and specific veterinary procedures.
  15. Spinning and Yoga Studios: Allocate spaces and equipment for different classes and instructors.
  16. Golf Courses: Reserve tee times and golf carts for players.
  17. Art Studios: Book art studios, easels, or pottery wheels for creative classes.
  18. Nail Salons: Ensure nail technicians have access to the necessary equipment and stations.
  19. Hair Salons: Reserve hairdressing chairs and sinks for various services.
  20. Educational Centers: Schedule classrooms, labs, or computer rooms with specific resources for educational purposes.

By offering “Resource-Based Reservations,” Salon Booking System caters to a wide range of businesses, enabling them to efficiently manage their unique resources and enhance the booking experience for your clients.


Here is a link to our official documentation dedicate to “Resources”

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