Category: changelog

  • Fixed issue with bookings without customer details
  • Fixed issue with booking reminder message shortcodes
  • Fixed issue with “You have already paid for this reservation” message
  • Fixed issue with “Duplicate” link for Services and Assistant
  • Fixed issue with secondary service conditional display
  • Improved Feedback submission feature
  • Added new option for “Automatic cancellation of unpaid reservations”
  • API improvements for the mobile app


  • Restyling of assistans calendar shortcode


  • Added check to prevent double payments


  • Fixed CSS issues – booking calendar shortcode
  • Added a new “Leave a Tip” feature ( PREMIUM )
  • Fixed php error bug
  • Added a new API call for log-in


  • Fixed CSS issues – booking calendar shortcode


  • Fixed CSS issues – booking calendar shortcode


  • Fixed bug with slot blocking feature


  • Improved the “Feedback submission request” options – integration with Google My Business and Facebook Page Reviews


  • Fixed bug on Danish language
  • Fixed bug on “Empty bin” on Bookings section
  • Added a new “Service” filter on Bookings section
  • Booking calendar short-code restyling
  • Added a new option to allow Assistants to export reservations to CSV file
  • Increased text lenght for Follow-up messages
  • Added space between price amount and currency symbol
  • Increased “Unit per session” options, up to 100
  • Changed html tag of booking form titles from H1 to H2
  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar account connection


  • Fixed wrong availabilities displayed to logged-in users


  • Fixed php error
  • Improved form validation for required checkbox


  • Improved log-in form on “Booking my account page”
  • Added new API to check plugin edition
  • Added new API to check is “Assistant selection” option is enabled
  • Added “Service direct link” for each single shop – on Multi-Shops add-on


  • Fixed issue with time-picker on re-schedule feature
  • Fixed issue with Facebook log-in from Booking My Account page
  • Fixed issue with Force Quest Check-out on Multi-Shops
  • Increased “Customers per session” options from “20” to “100”. Note: the higher .. the slower..


  •  Added a new option “Services selection limit > only on primary services”
  • Fixed date-picker Danish months names
  • Services and Assistants order inside their shortcode follows the back-end order
  • minor bugs fix
  •  Fixed issue with DIVI theme on booking form accordions
  •  Fixed php issue with weekly report
  •  Fixed php issue with Google Calendar synch
  • Fixed php error on WeeklyReport.php:219
  • Fixed problem on booking form front-end time-picker
  • Fixed issue with priviledges of Editor role when “Editor like Administrator” option is enabled
  • Service category name displayed inside the email notifications
  • Fixed security breach
  • Fixed “dummy content generated on every plugin update”
  • Google Calendar synched events updated when customers “re-schedule” an appointment
  • Customer First Name and Last name displayed on back-end calendar daily view
  • Fixed Facebook Log-in link on Booking My Account page even when the feature is disabled
  • Multi-Shop add-on: added a shop_ID parameter for the

    Book now your live session call

    we use Central Europe Time-zone ( Rome )

     booking form short-code
  • Multi-Shop add-on: added a shop_ID parameter for the short-code
  • Fixed Timezone issue
  • Fixed Facebook log-in icon issue
  • Fixed check-out form validation issue
  • changed time-picker selection steps – one click hour selection
  • Fixed issue with export bookings into a CSV file
  • Fixed issue with “Thousand and decimal separator” options
  • Fixed issue with “Booking_hide” custom profile field
  • Improved Shop selection UI on back-end calendar
  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar synch
  • Fixed issue with customers mobile number when log-in with Facebook
  • Fixed issue with date/time picker icons
  • Improved “Booking My Account” page UI
  • Fixed issue with “Services short-code” with Shop-ID parameter
  • Fixed bug on Bookings export into CSV
  • Fixed typo that generates a php error
  • Fixed issues on API
  • Fixed issue on Romanian language
  • Fixed back-end calendar slowness issue
  • Fixed date/time related issues
  • Fixed Google Calendar synch issues
  • Fixed Service Categories strange behaviour
  • Prevent bookings from unkown users
  • Wordpress 3.5 date/time bug fix
  • Changed bookings search form inside the daily view of back-end calendar
  • Added a “Need help?” button that opens the documentation window
  • Added Quick Edit action for Services
  • Added a new custom field “customer_profile” => “booking_hidden” parameter
  • Added a new custom field “width => quarter” parameter
  • Fixed issues on locale ( German and Portuguese )
  • Fixed issue on Assistants cannot block hours
  • Fixed issue on customer personal data update on single booking option page
  • Fixed issue on Upcoming reservations API
  • Security issue fixed
  • Added a new ID column inside Services and Assistants sections
  • Added a new “Duplicate” link for Services and Assistants
  • Fixed issue with Stripe
  • Changed the behaviour of the RESCHEDULE button
  • Added REPEAT BOOKING option on Booking My Account page
  • Fixed issue on Assistant selection
  • Automatic update for Codecanyon version users
  • Added Quick Edit action for Assistants
  • Fixed missing customer address inside the notifical email
Version 3.32.6
  • Restored the “Enable Advanced Discount System” option inside “Settings > Check-out” tab
  • Restored the “Welcome Screen” on very first activation of the plugin
  • Improved the position of some back-end settings options
  • Added a new “Service categories” menù item