Arrange a Google Meet
with Salon Booking System using Zapier

You can easily arrange a meeting on Google Meet using Salon Booking System by leveraging automations services.

Let’s see how you can do it right now.



– Salon Booking System plugin installed on your website

– Our Zapier connection link:

– A Gmail account

– A account

Step by step process:

1 ) click on this link and login into your Zapier account

2 ) click on “Accept & Build a Zap

3 ) click on “Create / New Zap” button

4 ) click on the  “Trigger” element and search and select “Salon Booking System

5 ) on “Choose event” select “New booking” then “continue


Now you need to connect your salon booking system account with the current zap. A new window will be opened and you need to enter the following fields:

A ) Site URL


Go to your website, then access Salon booking System “/ Settings / General / API Services / Zapier

Copy “Site URL” and past it inside the Zapier “Connect an account” window.

Do the same thing with the “API key”  found on our plugin Zapier section.

Click on “Yes, Continue to Salon Booking System WordPress plugin” button. Then click on “Continue”.


On the Trigger select the “Booking status” to be used in order to trigger the Zap ( create the meeting ). Usually you should select “Confirmed”, “Paid” or “Pay later”.

At this point you need to test the trigger by simply click on the “Test trigger” button.

Make sure you have some reservations planned for the future to make the test working correctly.


Now click on the “Action” element, search and select “Google Meet“.


1 ) In the “Event” section, select “Schedule a Meeting”,  then  “Continue”.

2 ) Now “Sign in” into your Gmail account and click “Allow” on prompted window.

3 ) Select the Google Calendar to be used for the meetings.

4 ) in the “Summary” field you could enter something like:

New meeting with [ customer First Name ]

5 ) in the “Description” field you could enter something like:

New meeting with [ customer First Name ] [ customer Last Name ] on [Booking Date] at [ Booking Time ].

You could also use whatever dynamic field you need to get all the desired details on this meeting.


6 ) Inside the “Start date & time” select the “Start” field

7 ) Inside the “End date & time” select the “End” field

8 ) You could add the “Attendees email” by using the “Customer email field”.

9 ) Complete the process by testing the zap


From now on, each time you’ll receive a reservation on your website and each time you’ll create a reservation trough Salon Booking System a new Google Meet event will be create on your Google Calendar. You and your attendees we’ll be notified also by email from Google Meet.

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