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Salon Booking 3.8.3 minor release

Due to the amount of bugs emerged in the last release we’ve made a new minor version 3.8.3 where we’ve fixed all the major problems you reported to us.

Here the list of the bugs fixed:

Fixed bug on associating services to assistant
Fixed bug for disappeared customers list
Fixed bug on holidays rules when more than 27
Avoid to send reminders to Canceled reservations
Fixed bug on YOAST conflict
Fixed bug on mobile selection of services on checkbox

If you still experience any other issue please get back to us.

Thank you for your patience and collaboration.

The Salon Booking


Salon Booking 3.8.2 is ready to go

Hi again,

first of all we apologies for the bugs added into the 3.8 and 3.8.1 releases. We want you to know that they are the results of a major changes inside the plugin JavaScript files organization optimizations.

These bugs have been fixed and we released this minor 3.8.2 version.

This new release of Salon Booking plugin is the demonstration of our commitment for a continuous improvement of this powerful tool.

We want to offer you the best appointment booking system for Salons and we work harder and harder to accomplish that.

Now let’s see what’s new on this release:

Booking rules improvements


We’ve added a new option inside every single rule called “Always enabled”.
This option is made to offer you more control over your available week days during the whole year.
If you have a weekly schedule that changes during the year now you can specify the time range of validity of every single rule.
This option has been added to Assistants and Services available rules too.

Settings > Booking rules



Bookings export



This is a new tool that gives you the possibility to export your past and future reservations into a CSV file specifying the date range you are interested in.

Settings > Calendar


Custom email logo


Now you can upload your own logo to personalize your email notifications and empower your brand identity.

Settings > General


Custom messages to your customers


Now you can send a personal message to a customer using the dedicated box inside the single reservation details page. You can use it when you need to change a reservation details and inform your customer.

Bookings > booking details page


Search field for customers

We’ve added a search field inside the “Customers” section that will simplify your customers searches.



More back-end bookings search filters

To simplify your searches among your bookings now you can benefit of different filters by “user name”, “assistant” and “status”.



Disable bootstrap JavaScript assets


We’ve added this new option that in combination with “Disable bootstrap css” could be helpful when your bootstrap based theme has some conflicts with our bootstrap assets.

Settings > General


Bug fixes and improvements

We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs and made some improvements too:

– Bug with Cyrillic alphabet
– Holidays rule issues
– Fixed HTML markup bug into front-end booking form
– Selective Js and Css loading of bootstrap files into the back-end
– Dummy content load once


Please update your translations as new text strings have been added.
Well, that’s it for the moment.
As usual if you see something wrong please report it to us.

Have a nice week.


Salon Booking 3.7 is out now

After three weeks since the last release we are ready again with  a new version that will offer you brand new features and some improvements.

Let’s start describing all of them:


– Email and SMS followup


We are pretty sure that as a Salon owner you need to keep in contact with your customers. With this option you will be able to automatically send a custom email message or/and SMS after a specified number of days after the last appointment with you.


– Customers main statistics


We want you to be aware of critical information about your customers figures and habits about their appointments at your salon. So we have improved “customers statistics” section into the back-end.


– Alphabetically sorting  services on back-end

As WordPress do for normal post we have added this option even for services in order to allows you to have a different views of them into back-end. Alphabetically services sorting doesn’t affect your custom front-end order, is just a temporal representation inside the back-end.


– Booking my account page redesign


We’ve redesigned this page to make it more visually appealing and more usable for your customers.


– Manage booking button inside notification email and auto-login

Once you have enabled “booking cancellation” option and set the “Booking my account” page we’ll display a “MANAGE BOOKINGS” button inside every notification email sent to the customers.

This button allows your customers to easily access into their “Booking my account” page without login as an “auto login” script has been implemented.

That’s all for the moment, see you on the next release.

For more details on the bug fixes made with this release we invite you to have a look at readme.txt file inside Salon Booking folder.



Salon Booking 3.6 version

We are ready to introduce you our new release.

Our improvements process keeps on without rest to provide you a better booking system and a more valuable experience for your customers.

Let’s start with the brand new features added in this 3.6 version:


– Decimals and thousand options

Now you can decide how to represent decimals and thousand for your pricing list accordingly with your country habits.

Settings > Payments




– Services bookable limit

If you want to limit the number of services bookable at the same time now you have a brand new option to accomplish this need.

Settings > Check-out




– Automatic unpaid reservations cancellation

You can now enable this option if you want that unpaid reservations to be cancelled automatically after a defined time range that you can even set.

When this option is enabled your customers will see a message on the last step of the booking process and even inside their personal booking page in order to hurry them to complete the online payment.

Settings > Payments




– Reservations calendar by assistant

We’ve added a new short-code [salon_assistants_calendar] that will display a calendar of the next days days with the upcoming reservations grouped by assistant.

With this calendar you’ll have a quick view of your assistants weekly agenda.

Just place this short-code inside a page. This page will be visible only to logged-in users, such as your assistants.




– SMS alphanumeric sender ID supported

Now you can use your business name as SMS notification sender ID

Settings > General



Salon Booking 3.5


after some days off to recover the energies we are ready to make a new release of Salon Booking plugin.

The 3.5 version is ready to offering you brand new interesting features and continuous improvements.

Let’s see which are the new features we’ve added:




This is a brand new option available when you use the “High end” booking method.

“Service break” is an option that you can use when you have a service that is delivered in two moments separated by a break.

For example “Hair color application”. Your assistant applies the color to your client for about 15 minutes, then the application needs a 30 minutes of break before the hair are washed. During this break your assistant could work on another client right?

So if you set the “Service break” option on a specific service the booking system will allows new reservations even during the service break.



Let’s say you don’t want to store information on your customers after their checkout and you want them to fill the checkout form with their details every time they make a new reservation. Then, in this specific case you could enable this option inside “Settings > ” tab.

Consider that when “Force checkout” option is enabled your customers will not be able to log-in inside your website to control their personal page.




Now you can count on multiple kind of reports:

– Reservations and revenues
– Reservation and revenues by assistant
– Reservation and revenues by service
– Reservation and revenues by customer

As usual we’ve fixed some bugs and made some performance improvements.

If you notices something weird or any other issues, please get in contact with us at

Thank you!



Mollie payment method official add-on



We are ready to announce the second official add-on for Salon Booking: Mollie payment method.

If you are based in Netherlands probably you know very well this online payments platform and now you can use it for your Salon’s reservations.

Mollie provides a fully PCI Compliant and secure way to collect payments with iDeal, Credit Card, Bancontact / Mister Cash, SOFORT Banking, Overbooking, Bitcoin, PayPal, paysafecard and AcceptEmail.

Using Mollie SSL certificate is not required on your site, and you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance. Customers select their favorite payment method at checkout, and are redirected to the Mollie or their bank’s site to finish the payment process. You benefit from easy, secure payment processing, and improve customer satisfaction by offering multiple payment methods. When an order is placed using iDeal, the customer chooses the correct bank and is taken to iDeal to make a secure payment via Mollie. iDeal works with ten large banks in the Netherlands: ING, ABN AMRO, Rabobank, SNS Bank, Regions Bank, Friesland Bank, Triodos, ASN Bank, Van Lanschot, and Knab to provide inexpensive, secure payment processing.



Salon Booking 3.3 is out now

Hi again!

We are ready with a new version that we hope you’ll enjoy.

We’ve added two interesting features:


1 – Front-end booking form colour customiser


Now you can easily change the colours combination of the booking form in order to match it with your website brand identity.

Just go to “Settings > Style” and play with three colours settings. We’ve also added a realtime preview of your new colours to keep you customisation as much simple as possible.


2 – Check-out as a quest option



We’ve added ad new tab section inside “Settings” called “Check-out”. Here you can find “Enable guest check-out” option.

If enabled users can choose to checkout without creating an account inside your WordPress install.

Be careful using this option as you’ll not have customers details stored inside Salon Booking section for those customers that choose to checkout as guest.

As usual we’ve even fixed some bugs and here you can find the whole list:

– Ip1sms bug fix
– Google Calendar booking URL fixed
– Removed CDN links
– Pages transition effect and date/time picker fixed
– Resend email notification option fixed
– Back-end calendar daily view fixed
– Holiday rules for assistants not saved fixed


Did you know that we have also released a first official add-on?

Take a look at “Squareup payment method” here.

Next week we’ll release a second official add-on

Mollie payment method”.

And we keep on developing new add-ons that will empower Salon Booking.

For any kind of enquiry and issue please write us at


Use Square as payment method on Salon Booking



Salon Booking plugin has its first official add-on “Squareup payment method”.

We’ve finally released the first of a long series of add-ons that will empower the Salon Booking plugin functionalities.

We’ve started with a new payment method that will allows you to process online payments with the famous Square platform.

Square is available for online payments only for USA and Canadian users but they plan to be available in new countries in the future.

More information on Squareup payment method add-on here.


Salon Booking 3.2.1

Hi again! We are back with a new version that we want to introduce to you.

Let’s start with the new features added:


Change booking form steps order


Most of you were waiting for this feature so bad.
Now you can offer to your customers a new booking experience as they can start selecting services first then assistants and so the date and time slot.

This way makes the booking process much more usable as the customers will see only the available slots for the combination of services/assistant they desire.


Holidays rules for assistants


We know that even your assistants need to have holidays so you can now set their days off inside the detail page of each of your staff member.




We’ve added a brand new section called “Reports” where you can control your salon trends and results. We’ve started with a basic stats on your reservations numbers and revenues. Our plan is to add progressively new smart indexes that will help you understanding how your business is going.

In this version we’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs and made little improvements.

We need your precious help to discover them and to make the platform even better.

So send us your feedback!