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Salon Booking 3.16

Salon Booking 3.16 is ready to make you happy again



we are back with a new release that will make Salon Booking better and better.

Let’s see what’s new on this 3.16 version.


1 – No more double bookings

We’ve improved the booking process adding a second realtime control during at the end of the booking process to avoid double bookings from users that are making reservation in the same instant for the same time/date


2 – Feedback submission email

We’ve added a new option inside “Settings > General > Automatic feedback submission request”. If enabled an email will be sent automatically to the customer one day after the last visit at your shop asking for a review submission.


3 -DELETE button on back-end booking editing modal window

We’ve added a “DELETE” button inside the “new booking” form from back-end calendar.


4 -Polylang support

We made some fixes in order to support Polylang plugin.


For more details this is our last changelog:


* Added a second availabilty control at the end of booking process to avoid double bookings
* Fixed missing alert on Assistant unavailability when adding reservations from back-end
* Added “DELETE” button on “New reservations from back-end calendar”
* Fixed bug with Swedish language
* Fixed “Invalid license” issue
* Added a new option to send out an email to the client after one day from the last appointment asking for a review submission
* Fixed bug with php 5.3 version
* Added Polylang support
* Removed “Always” option from the “Booking time range”


If you’ll experience any unexpected issue please contact us at


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Salon Booking plugin 3.15

Salon Booking plugin 3.15 version

Salon Booking plugin 3.15



We’ve come back from holidays with a brand new version of Salon Booking with a great new feature.

We’ve bundled inside Salon Booking plugin our official Advanced Discount System add-on.

This means that from now on all our users can benefit of an advanced discount system that will allows you to create unlimited discount coupon codes, unlimited automatic discounts based on multiple criteria.

To enable the new “Discounts” section go to “Settings > > Advanced Discount System” and check “Enable”.


For more information on how to use the “Advanced Discount System” please have a look at this post:


Advanced Discount System for Salon Booking


For tohse customers that have bought this add-on in the past months we’ll be happy to offer them a discount for the renew of Salon Booking PRO license. Just drop us an email with the license number of Advanced Discount System.


Salon Booking 3.15 version has other interesting improvements:


– Drag&Drop assistants custom ordering

Now you can customize the order of your assistant on front-end using a simple drag&drop from the back-end administration page.

– Automatic refresh of Assistant Calendar on front-end

Now when a new reservation has come the Assistants calendar on front-end will be automatically updated.

– Comments reviews will be visible inside the reservations history tab of Booking my account page


Lastly we are working on two major improvements of Salon Booking that will be completed in the next months:

– Rest API
– Multi-shops add-on

We do hope to complete them according our developing plan.


If want to suggest us more improvements please contact us through our contact form.


Thank you!

Salon Booking staff


Add new reservations from Google Calendar even for brand new salon customers


before the summer break we want to inform you about the  last minor version just released the 3.14.3 of Salon Booking plugin.

In this minor version we have mainly fixed some bugs:


– Fixed bug on booking system
– Added URL of reservation inside Google Calendar event description
– Fixed bug on adding new customer with an existing email address
– Fixed date format consistent into GC event
– Removed auto-login URL expiration
– Improved booking rule “Always valid” option logic


There is one important improvement to be considered.

Now the salon administrator can add reservations from his Google Calendar account even for brand new customers.

How to do that?

When you create a new event on Google Calendar the title can be written following this structure:


The minimum event details must be:




If you provide these details in a correct way the new customer will be automatically added inside your wordpress users as “Salon Customer”.

For more details on how to add reservations from Google Calendar we highly recommend to have a look at this post:

Salon Booking plugin introduces Google Calendar two ways sync


In case of issues please contact us at


Have a nice summer!!

Salon Booking staff


Add reservations from Google Calendar into Salon Booking


before the summer break I want to help you out using the new feature “Adding reservations from Google Calendar into Salon Booking”.

Look at this video demonstration to understand how it works.

It’s very important that you’ll understand that is Salon Booking the core of your booking system not Google Calendar.

It’s Salon Booking that controls your availabilities not Google Calendar.

Salon Booking will never consider the events you have on your Google Calendar but only the ones stored inside your website.

The “two ways Google Calendar synchronization” is only a tool to use Salon Booking plugin at his maximum.



For further instructions on how to use this feature please look at this post too:


Salon Booking plugin introduces Google Calendar two ways sync


Have nice summer.

Salon Booking staff


Salon Booking plugin introduces Google Calendar two ways sync

Hi everyone!

after long hours of work we’ve finally implemented a new important feature to Salon Booking plugin.

Now a salon administrator can add reservations from its own Google Calendar account into Salon Booking system thank to the “Google Calendar two ways sync” feature.

Here the details to use this feature:

First of all you need to setup the Google Synchronization on Salon Booking settings. If you already did it go ahead.

To add a reservation from Google Calendar just open your Google Calendar account.


Be sure to display the events of the calendar connected on Salon Booking.

Google Calendar two ways sync


Then click on a desired date to create an event. Once the pop-up window is open you need to write the event title.



Trough the event title we’ll provide all the information about the reservation, you need to respect the following semantic to make it works well.

booking time, user first name and last name, service name 1 + service name 2, customer email, customer mobile number, booking note


Google Calendar two ways sync


These are the information that can be sent to the booking system. You could also limit the title to the following details:

booking time, user first name and last name, service name 1 + service name 2

these are the minimum details to be provided in order to create the reservation inside your website.


Read carefully:

You must type the above information correctly, they need to be typewritten in the same way you have them inside Salon Booking plugin.

If you misspelled the user first name o its last name or the name of a service this event will not be synced into Salon Booking plugin.

If during the syncing process something goes wrong, for example you used a time format that doesn’t exist into Salon Booking settings, or you misspelled the user name or the services name, then the event will be marked with a red square.

If you click on “Edit” you will see the error log inside the event description field.


Google Calendar two ways sync


The time format


The reservation time can be write into one of the following formats:

A) 8:00
B) 8.00

The booking time should be set accordingly with the “Average session duration” option set inside your Salon Booking settings.

That said, if you have 60’ as “Average session duration” you cannot create and event at 9.30.  If you want to create a reservation at 9.30 you need firstly set “Average session duration” at 30’. As if you want to add events at 4.15 you need need firstly set “Average session duration” at 15’.

You can use hours fractions if you have set them inside “Average session duration” option.


The cronjob

To make this feature works you need to ask your hosting provider to setup a “cronjob” for you.

Send them an email like this:


Hi Support,

Please set up one cron jobs.


Fetch this URL every 2 minutes :

Thank you


Once your hosting company has created this cronjob you can start using this feature.

Once you create the event on Google Calendar, after two minutes you can check if the event has been synced into Salon Booking system.

If everything has gone well a green square has been added to the event title. You can edit to see the details of the reservation inside the description field.

If something has gone wrong a red square has been added to the title of the event. Edit the event to see the error log inside the description field.


Google Calendar two ways sync


Then delete that event and try to create another one.

Remember, wait for two minutes to see the event synced on Salon Booking.

That’s it for the moment.


Cancel a reservation from Google Calendar

You can cancel a reservation even from Google Calendar, just delete the event and the synced reservation will be “Cancelled” even on Salon Booking System.



Consider that this is still a beta version of this feature and bugs can occur. Please send them to us though our contact form.

Thank you and enjoy this new feature

Salon Booking team



Salon Booking 3.13 is ready to go


we are ready to launch a new version of Salon Booking that will bring a set of brand new features.

Let’s see them into details:

Adding reservations from back-end calendar

As promised we’ve completed the improvement of the back-end calendar daily view. Finally you can add reservations straight from the daily view with an easy interface.
Just clicking on the desired time-slot on the “add reservation” button. A pop-up window will opens and you’ll be able to provide all the details to complete the reservation.

At the same time clicking on a single reservation you’ll be able to modify it.

Calendar daily view will became your main dashboard to control and manage your reservations.

Fixed deposit amount

Now you’ll be able to choose if ask for a percentage or to set a fixed amount for the deposit payment.

Front-end booking form speed-up

We’ve made some code improvements to make the booking process more fast especially for those salons with a lot of services, a lot of assistants and booking rules.

We’ve pushed forward to improve the users experience using the booking form and reduce the seconds needed to complete a single reservations.

As usual we’ve made some bug fixes that are listed below:

* Now you can add reservation from back-end calendar daily view
* Added fixed amount deposit option
* Optimized the performance of the booking form process more quick
* Fixed booking system algorithm
* Fixed bug on prices that use thousands
* Fixed bug on Date/Time picker on Finnish language
* Fixed booking that overrides salon closing time

If you encounter any issues please report them to us.

Have a nice week-end

Salon Booking