An improved appointment booking system

An improved appointment booking system is what's you'll find in the last version of Salon Booking Sy

Booking system for international customers

Now you can use our booking system plugin to receive reservations from international customers using

Salon Booking System 7.4, what’s new?

How to make an appointment booking website

Learn how to make an appointment booking website step by step. By the end of this video, people will

How to choose a booking plugin for WordPress

If you are looking for a booking plugin for Wordpress that matches your needs than this article coul

How to use Salon Booking System for Covid-19 tests centres

Do you provide Covid-19 tests? Are you looking for a simply and reliable appointment booking system

Service break

Add a service break and receive reservation during the waiting time.

How to create a “customers consultation form” with Salon Booking System

In this article we'll show you how to quickly setup a "Customer consultation form" using Salon Booki

Assistant selection only from back-end

If enabled, the “Assistants selection” step of the booking form is skipped. Hence the assistant

Rethinking small business web design

Is your current website really helping your business? or is just an asset you have because every bus

Salon Booking System and Zapier integration

With the 4.9.3 version is available a new integration between Salon Booking System and the popular z

New custom fields management system

With the 4.0 new version of Salon Booking System we've introduced a new way to create and manage cus

Salon Booking System 3.0, settings revamped

We've finally redesigned our plugin settings into a more modern and clear way to make their usage ea

New mobile app improvements

We've released a new version of the mobile app that will bring many improvements on your bookings ma

We offer ten 50% off coupons for our “Small Agency Pass”

Are you a web agency? Do you want to use Salon Booking System for your clients websites? Don't miss

Salon Booking System September updates

We have some interesting news for your about the last improvements on Salon Booking System and new a

Salon Booking System – mobile app updates

A new version of the app will be released today with a bunch of bug fixed and some improvements. Ple

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