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How to setup sms booking notifications with Twilio and Plivo

This guide will help you to setup correctly sms booking notification on Salon Booking.

Salon Booking supports different kind of text messages notifications being integrate with some major sms providers as:

– Twilio
– Plivo
– Ip1sms
Smshosting ( with an add-on)

Let’s see how to setup sms notifications inside Salon Booking using Twilio.

First of all you need to create an account on, buy a phone number or request for an Alphanumeric sender ID and some SMS credits.

Once done you need to get your:

– Account SID
– Auth Token



Now go to Salon Booking > General Settings and scroll down the page until you find SMS services options.

– Select “Twilio” from the sms providers list

– Set your Account ID ( Account SID from Twilio account )
– Set your Auth Token
– Digit your country code in the form of “+ COUNTRYCODE” ( +39 is for Italy)
– Digit your Twilio number (without the country code) or your alphanumeric sender ID

Once done click on “Update Settings” button.



Now to verify that your settings are correct it’s time to make a test.

Scroll down the page and go to “SMS test console”.

Place you mobile number without the country code and digit a test message. Then click on “Update Settings”.



If everything is ok you will receive a text on your mobile and you’ll see this message on “Settings > General” page.



In case of error, no text will be sent on your mobile and you’ll see an error message.


Then you need to verify your settings and check again.


Plivo users

With Plivo the procedure is the same. The only difference is that you could use a telephone number of your own as a “Sender number”.


Trunk trailing 0 prefix

Let’s see the “Trunk trailing 0 prefix” option.

This option can be enabled for those countries where mobile numbers have a prefix that starts with a “0”.
Enabling this option that “0” will be removed automatically.



How to increase reservations using a Facebook fan page and Salon Booking

In this post we’ll give you some tips to increase your online reservations using your Facebook fan page and Salon Booking plugin.

We are pretty sure that most of you have a Facebook fan page where you work daily to increase your fans numbers and try keep them engaged and hope that one day they’ll become customers.

Or more simply a Facebook fan page is a tool to keep in contact with your customers, right?


Facebook fan page and Salon Booking

Well I don’t know how many of you are aware that Facebook allows you to add a button on top of your page.

Well you can choose among different kind of buttons.

As your main goals is to increase your reservations the ideal is to choose “Book services” button.


Facebook fan page and Salon Booking

Once you selected this option Facebook will ask you to provide an URL where your customers can make a reservation.

If you are already using Salon Booking plugin you could provide the URL of the page where you placed the booking form.


Facebook fan page and Salon Booking


Once done click on “Add button”. That’s it.

This way your fan/customers will be aware of your online booking service and for them will be very easy to make a reservation through your website using Salon Booking plugin.

In the next version of Salon Booking we’ll add a “Login with Facebook” option. This brand new feature will make very easy for your customers make reservations on your website as they don’t need to login every time as they will be already logged with their Facebook account.


Do you think this tips could be helpful for your business too?

Send us your feedbacks.


P.S. Do you know that we’ve launched a brand new add-on called Advanced Discount System? Take a look..


Smshosting add-on for Salon Booking



We are very happy to announce a brand new official extension “Smshosting add-on for Salon Booking”.

This plugin has been thought especially for the Italian customers that are willing to use Smshosting provider for the SMS notifications on Salon Booking.

For all of them we offer a special limited discount for those that will purchase this add-on in the next three days.

Use this coupon code at the end your purchase process: SMSHOSTING30

All the usage details are described here: Smshosting add-on for Salon Booking


Bookings calendar by assistant

calendar by assistant

“Bookings calendar by assistant” provide a quick view of your upcoming reservations grouped by staff members


Salon Booking plugin has a special shortcode  [*salon_booking_calendar*]

that you can place in any page of your website in order to display the next seven days reservations grouped by assistant.

This special representation offer the salon manager and every single assistant a quick view of their upcoming schedules.

Moving the mouse over the single reservations a tool-tip will display more details on that reservation so your staff member will be aware of the services that need to be provided.

This kind of calendar is password protected to be viewed by the salon staff members.

In the future we’ll add more functionalities as the possibility to skip forward into the calendar and see all the future reservations.

If you have other suggestions please drop us an email to


DIVI theme accordions issues

Some customers reported to us a little conflict with DIVI theme that affects the services categories of the front-end booking form.

We’ve found a simple trick to fix this issue.

Inside your child theme you should call this script inside your footer usually inside the footer.php file :

$(document).ready( function(){
} );


In case this solution doesn’t fit your case please send us an email to


If your case is that the Date/Time picker of the booking form is not opening up then you could add this script inside your theme footer.



Salon Booking 3.9.0 is ready to go


we are happy to announce the brand new version of Salon Booking, the 3.9.0 version, the first one of the 2017.

We are really proud of the new features and improvements we’ll bring with this new release but let’s have a look at the details of this new version.


Brand new features:


Conditional “secondary services”


Now you can decide when a “secondary services” can be displayed.
You can link them to a specific “primary” services or a specific  category. So they will be displayed on if that condition has been met.

Salon Booking > Services



Check out form fields control


Now you can control which fields to display and which ones need to be required or not.

Salon Booking > Settings >  Check-out



Email weekly reports

Every Monday an email will be sent automatically to the salon administrator with a report of the last week salon performances.





Back-end booking calendar “status bar”



We’ve added a “status bar” on top of every day in the calendar where you can see how busy is that date and many free hours are left. If you move the mouse over that bar a pop-up will be displayed with some information about the reservations.

NOTE: Go to “Settings > Booking rules” and click “Update settings” in order to refresh the bookings caching system.


Front-end date-picker “fully booked” days

Now your users can see when a date is fully booked and have a much more clear view of the real availabilities.


Bug fixes

– Untranslatable text strings
– Problem with date picker – date selection automatic reset
– Improved form fields validation
– Fixed some bugs Booking My Account page
– Minor restyling of reports stats
– Fixed new conflicts bugs with Yoast plugin



We do hope you’ll appreciate our efforts to keep on improving this tool and we’ll promise you we’ll continue trying to offering you a better booking experience.

In case you’ll notice any issues please drop us an email at


See you the next release.