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Salon Booking little but useful settings

Read this post to discover some Salon Booking little but useful settings that you could have missed but that can help you out with your booking system needs.


Grouping service by category

If you want to group your services by categories in order to display them into an accordion like this on front-end booking form:




You only need to go inside your service page detail and create your categories first, then associate the categories to your services like this:




Drag&drop ordering services

To change the order of the services displayed inside your bookmaking form you only need to go to the services archive page and drag&drop them like this:




Define your bookings management pages

These options are placed inside “Settings > Booking rules” and you should setup them only the first time you install Salon booking.

Let’s see what’s they are for in details.




Booking page

You should select the page where you have placed the booking form [*salon/*] short-code. This setting is important when you request the payment to the client. When he receive the email notification with the payment link he will be redirected to this page to complete the payment process.


Thank you page

Is where you want to redirect your customers after they complete a reservation.


Booking my account

Is the page where you have placed the [*salon_booking_my_account*]  short-code that generates the personal account page for your customers.


Hide Bootstrap to avoid conflicts

Some WordPress themes use Bootstrap as a resource. As Salon Booking use it as well this redundancy could create problems on the front-end booking form and generates other layout issues. Enable this option if you are experiencing this kind of issues and see if it solves your problem.





Hide prices

In certain cases you would not need to display the prices of your services to customers. Then you could enable this option to hide them from the booking form.

Consider that when this option is enabled you cannot request online payments.




Trunk trailing 0 prefix

Some countries use to have a 0 at the beginning of the local number. This could create problem with Plivo o Twilio providers that will not send SMS notifications to the destination numbers.

If this is your case activate this option.





That’s it for the moment. If you have any doubts on Salon booking settings don’t hesitate sending us an email, we’ll be happy to help you out.


Thanks to our first 1.000 users worldwide



We are very proud to see that 1.000 users worldwide have choose Salon Booking plugin to manage their business.

This first little but important goal give us the power to keep on working on the improvement of this platform in order to offering you the best experience possible.

We have already announced that Salon Booking will be equipped by many different official add-On’s that will empower his functionalities.

The first one will be the Multi Shop add-on that we’ll release as a free Beta version by the end of May.

Every month will release new features and new official add-on that will make Salon Booking even better.

For this reason your feedback, your suggestions and critics are an essential source of inspiration and guide for our daily work.

We would be very happy to hearing from you what’s your experience with our plugin and what you suggest to us to make it better.

So consider to invest ten minutes of your time to fill out this form and share your personal experience as Salon Booking user.

Thank you all 1.000!!!


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So, get your creatives and spread the voice on Salon Booking.


Notify reservations on Google Calendar account of your assistants

With 3.1 version of Salon Booking plugin you can share upcoming reservations on Google Calendar account of your assistants.

Let’s see how.

First you need to have the Google Calendar synchronization option enabled and correctly set.

Then ask your assistant to share one of his Google Calendar with you.

How? Ask him to go on his Google Calendar account settings and to select one of his calendars to be used for Salon Booking reservations.

He need to click on “share this calendar” option and then add the email address used for Google Calendar account of your salon. Make sure he selects the “make changes to events” option.



Now go back to the assistant detail page on Salon booking and select his Google Calendar account email address from this drop-down menu.


That’s it! Now every time this assistant is booked for an appointment he will see this reservations inside his Google Calendar.


Salon Booking plugin 3.1 is ready to take off



Tomorrow morning we’ll release a new update of Salon Booking the 3.1 version. Firstly we start with the FREE version in order to collect the feedbacks from our users on eventual bugs then on next Monday will be ready for all our PRO users.


What’s new on this update? Let’s see in details:


– Google Calendar synchronization for assistants

Now your assistants can check the reservations where they have been involved on their Google Calendar account.
Soon an easy tutorial on how to setup this brand new feature.


– Front-end booking form text customizations

A lot of you always asking to change some words on front-end booking form. Then we’ve implemented a very simple method to do that. As salon administrator you can go on your booking form put the mouse over the text then with a click you can change it live. Every changes will be automatically saved and stored inside the database. You can always change them.




– E-mail notifications to customers after booking updates

Let’s say that the salon administrator makes some changes on existing reservation, such as the appointment date or service.
Once the reservation has been “Updated” an email notification will be sent to the customer.


– Added a “CANCEL BOOKING” button inside the email notification to users

In order to improve the usability of the “Booking cancellation” option we’ve added a button inside the email notifications that will be linked to the “Booking my account” page where your customers can manage their reservations.


To enable this you need to set your “Booking My Account” page inside “Settings > Booking rules” inside the “Booking cancellation box.


– Avoiding reservations that exceeds the salon closing time

This improvement is self-explanatory. If you close your salon at  8PM all the reservations that would exceed this time will not be allowed. That’s it



What’s next?

We are already working to a new important option that will allows you to change the steps order of the booking process.

We also count to complete by the end of this month our first add-on “Multi Shops” that will make possible to manage multiple locations salons from the same WordPress installs.

Did you already applied for our official debugging teams?  If not take a look at this post.

Are you a Salon Booking enthusiast user? Consider to leaver a 5 star review on this will help us to do better and better.

Thanks to you all!


Join our official debugging team

We strive to provide our customers the best experience possible with Salon Booking.
For this reason we are planning to setup a group of 20 official debuggers users that will help us discovering any kind of bugs inside our plugin and its future add-ons.

To apply as official debugger you only need to fill out the form below and follow our guidelines.


What we are looking for?

20 heavy users of Salon Booking from different countries and time zones with different languages that will have to perform some standard tests within 72 hours after the debugging announcement.

Once performed the tests they will need to fill-out a report with the tests results.

This kind of tasks will help us solves eventual bugs and other kid of issues before we release a new version.


What we offer in exchange?

– 5 activations PRO license of Salon Booking Plugin with no time limits

– 5 activations PRO licenses of every future Salon Booking official add-ons with no time limits ( Multi Shops – will be the first one )


What if an official debugger would not comply with our deadlines?

– If the debugging tests and reports fulfillment will not be done within the defined term (72h from the debugging announcement date) or will not be done at all, all the PRO licenses activated will be terminated.





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Manage complex assistants services shifts with Salon Booking

In this short guide I’ll show you how to easily manage complex assistants and services shifts with Salon Booking.
You know that with Salon Booking you can manage your salon weekly timetable using the “Booking rules” placed inside the “Settings” section of the plugin.

These rules allow you to control your salon availability during the week.

What’s happen if you have some assistants and/or some services that does’t not follow your “standard” weekly shift?

If you have, for example, an assistant that works for you only on Monday in the afternoon and on Friday in the morning, how you should manage this specific shift inside your booking system?

It’s pretty easy. With Salon booking you can go inside the detail page of this assistant and create some “booking rules” that will be applied only for him.

This is how the booking rule looks like:




The same thing happens if you have for example one or more services that you provide only on specific days and time of the week.

Let’s say for example that you provide a massage session only one time a week from 1PM to 6PM. How to handle this?

This way:



Now you create as many booking rules as you want for each assistants you have and each services you provide in order to control even the most complex shifts.


Salon Booking advanced settings for big salons

In this post we’ll guide you trough the typical settings you should use in case you run a Salon with many assistants and each of them provide different services to your customers.

Let’s say that you run a Barber shop with four assistants,  two of them are able to provide only haircut and the other two are able to provide only shampoo.
You want to offer to your clients the possibility to choose their favorite assistants during the booking process.

Let’s see what kind of options and settings you need to set in order to control the availability of each of your assistants inside your reservation agenda.
Let’s start from the “Availability mode” that need to be set on “High end”.




The second step is the “Customer per session” that you will set on “4”.

About the “Service average duration” we suggest you to think at the shortest service you have and use the duration of this service to set this option. Let’s say that in your case Shampoo is the quickest service to provide and it lasts 15 minutes.  Then set “Average duration service” on “15”.




It’s time to enable another brand new option of Salon booking plugin available since the 3.0 version. This option is called “Enable multiple assistants selection.




Now let’s add your services and go to the “Services” section of Salon Booking.  Let’s begin with the shampoo, these are the settings you should use for this case.


Note that we set “2” units per hour as you have two assistants to provide shampoo. And we set to “1” the execution order, as we assume that the shampoo need to be done before the haircut.


The “execution order” is a very crucial option when we use the “High end” availability mode. As with this kind of booking algorithm we need to control the availability of each assistant during the single service he has been booked with. So it’s very important to know which execution order your services follow during a single reservation.

So put very much attention on setting the “execution order” option for each of your services.


Let’s continue adding the “Hair cut service”, and have a look at the settings.




Once added your services it’s time to setup your assistant.

This is Assistant A setup:


As you can see we added “Shampoo” inside the “Services” option as we know that this assistant can provide only this kind of service and not others.

The same setup will be done for the Assistant B.


Let’s add the last two assistants eligible for haircut, these should be their settings.



We’ve finished, now we can see what will happen when a client of yours try to make a reservation selecting “Shampoo” and “Haircut”.



As you can see the system will give him the possibility to choose for each selected service his favorite assistant. This scenario imply that for the date and time selected by the user all of your assistants are available.

What will happens if an user want to book only the shampoo service?

As you can see the system will show only those two assistants eligible for that kind of service.

That’s it!

Let us know if you have a more complex scenario to be set with Salon Booking, will be happy to help you finding the right way.


Salon Booking 3.0 version


finally we are ready for the 3.0 version of Salon booking plugin.
Yes 3.0, you understood well.
This version will bring a lot of new features and improvements.


So let’s go in depth:

– Brand new “High end” booking method

This third booking method gives you the control over the availability of each service and his associated assistant during a precise time/slot. In order to do that we introduced a new option for services called “execution order”. This option, once set, gives the system the information about which service will be made first during a single reservation. So for each reservation, where multiple services has been booked, the system know exactly at what time the assistant X will be busy with the service Y and how long he will be busy to complete that service.

– Multiple assistants selection

If you enable this new option from “Settings > General” your customers can choose their favourite assistants for each of your services during the reservation process. This option works well if combined with assistant “skills” option.

– New front-end booking form

Now you can choose among three different sizes of the booking form and choose the one that best fits your reservations page.

As we changed the mark-up of the booking form you’ll probably loose your CSS customisations. But you can easily apply them to the new layout.

– Booking rules for assistants and services

Now you can set one or multiple rules to define your weekly timetable for each of your services and your assistants and have a full control over your business availability model.

– Ignore first “0” from a mobile number

In some countries local numbers starts with a “0” but we saw that the SMS notification service stop working when users has that kind of number so we added this option that will help to solve this kind of problem.

What’s next?

– We are working at Multiple Shops add-on that will allows to manage multiple locations as individual entities from the same website.

– A Google Calendar synchronisation for each assistants in order to display only the reservations where the assistant is involved.

– More booking form styling options to give you more control over the look and feel.

Important updating notes on Salon Booking 3.0

As the 3.0 is a major release we suggest you to make a back-up of your database and files before upgrade.

As we said before if you have made some CSS customisations to the front-end booking form you will probably loose them after the update but you’ll be able to easily apply them the new one with same approach used in the past.

In case of any problems or issues with the plugin you can submit them to us using our contct form:

We would be very happy if you would rate our plugin on

See you soon!


Raccontaci la tua storia professionale e Salon Booking Plugin sarà tuo per sempre

Questo articolo è dedicato all’universo professionale composto da Barbieri, Parrucchieri, Estetisti, Truccatori e tutti coloro i quali hanno scelto come missione della propria vita aiutare la gente a prendersi cura di se stessi.



Salon Booking è uno strumento creato da un giovane team italiano pensato per semplificare la vita di chi ogni giorno deve gestire decine di prenotazioni, coordinare il lavoro del proprio staff e soprattutto far felici i propri clienti.

Per questo motivo lanciamo un appello a tutti voi professionisti della bellezza che in questo momento ci state leggendo invitandovi a condividere con noi la vostra avventura professionale.

Vorremmo ascoltare le vostre storie, scoprire cosa vi ha portato ad intraprendere questa professione, quali sono state le fasi della vostra carriera, quali le difficoltà incontrate nel momento in cui avete deciso di mettervi in proprio ed aprire il vostro salone.

Spiegateci cosa significa gestire un salone, quali sono i problemi quotidiani che siete costretti ad affrontare ed in che modo cercate di migliorare il servizio offerto ai vostri clienti per non farvi battere dalla concorrenza.


Insomma raccontateci la vostra intima storia professionale.


Tra tutte le testimonianze ricevute ne sceglieremo tre, le più belle, le più interessanti e scritte meglio.

A costoro offriremo un restyling gratuito del proprio sito web ed una licenza illimitata di Salon Booking Plugin per accettare prenotazioni sul proprio sito web e gestire in maniera automatica e professionale la vostra agenda degli appuntamenti.


Per partecipare è sufficiente inviare la vostra storia via email al seguente indirizzo:


A – Il testo deve contenere almeno 2.200 caratteri (spazi inclusi)

B – Dovrete allegare una vostra foto con lo staff all’interno del vostro salone.

C – Indicare il nome e l’indirizzo del vostro salone.


Dettaglio del premio:

– Il restyling consisterà nella installazione di un sito web basato sulla piattaforma WordPress
– Nella personalizzazione di uno “stock theme”
– Loghi, contenuti testuali e fotografici forniti dal vincitore
– Il premio verrà assegnato insindacabilmente alle migliori tre storie pervenute entro il 31 maggio 2016
– Il premio verrà elargito entro 10 giorni dalla data di pubblicazione dei vincitori prevista per il 3 giugno 2016