How to update your own translations when a new version of Salon Booking is released?

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Salon Booking general settings

A short video guide that will help you correctly setting-up you Salon booking general settings.  

Google Calendar synchronization with Salon Booking plugin

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Salon Booking bookings calendar

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Salon Booking plugin new booking notifications

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Salon Booking plugin front-end booking form

A short video tutorial that will introduce you to our front-end booking form.

Salon booking plugin featured websites contest

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How to debug Salon Booking plugin

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Is our appointment booking system right for you?

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How to translate Salon Booking plugin into your language

UPDATE 13/12/2017 Since the 3.17 version Salon Booking has bundled all the available translations from Transifex.  That means that you […]

How to customise the look and feel of your booking form

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Salon Booking 2.2 version

Hi, just few lines to introduce you Salon Booking 2.2 new version. Our continuos improvement process keeps on without rest […]

Salon booking 2.0

Hi, finally we have been able to release our 2.0 version that marks an important step forward over our continuos […]

A new version of Salon booking system plugin

Hi, a new version of Salon Booking system plugin has been released, the 1.3.0 version. Whats new on this version? […]

Salon booking 1.2 version

Hi there! here we are with a brand new release the 1.2 version of Salon Booking System plugin. As we […]

1.1.0 version released

Hi! a new version of our Salon Booking plugin has been released. In this update we have made some fixes […]

Do you want a better Salon booking plugin?

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Salon booking plugin – 1.0.5 version

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Salon booking 1.0.1 release

We’ve just released a brand new version of our premium plugin Salon booking. The 1.0.1 cames out with new interesting […]