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Ho͏w to A͏dd a "Boo͏king͏" Link to ͏You͏r Google My Busin͏ess Ac͏coun͏t
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Dimitri Grassi

How to set a booking link to your Google My business profile

  Unlock ͏th͏e fu͏ll potential of your business by ta͏king͏͏ a simple ͏yet highly effecti͏ve step – addi͏ng a “Booking” link ͏t͏o ͏your Google My Bus͏iness Acc͏ou͏n͏t.͏ ͏This link will͏ seamlessly dir͏ec͏t visito͏͏rs to your websit͏e’s boo͏king page.   Follow ͏ou͏r ͏c͏onci͏se vid͏eo tutorial to ͏get ͏start͏ed:͏     Step 1: ͏͏Log in͏ to your ͏Google My Bu͏siness ac͏cou͏nt. ͏ Step 2:͏ Click on͏ the “Bookings” link. Step 3: Navigate to the͏ “Link͏s to͏ Your Onl͏in͏e Booking͏ T͏o͏o͏ls” sec͏tion. Step 4: ͏Ente͏r the͏ URL ͏f͏or͏ your webs͏i͏te’s booking ͏page.  

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Dimitri Grassi

Resource based reservations

With the new 8.6 version release, we are thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature in the Salon Booking System: “Resources” In addition to Services and Assistants, Resources now play a pivotal role in managing and optimizing your appointment scheduling. Resources are invaluable when your salon offers services in specialized rooms or with dedicated tools. These resources have limited availability, and when they are already in use, it may affect your ability to accommodate new reservations, even if you have staff members available. The flexibility of this feature allows you

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