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Collect reviews from your salon customers

Since the last version of Salon Booking System you can now ask your customers to submit a review from your favourite platform like “Google My Business”, “Facebook”, “Yelp” or whatever […]

Customers data management system using Salon Booking and Advanced Custom Fields

If you are a therapist or a manager of a little clinic you likely need a way to collect your customers personal data, their health condition information and at the […]

Salon Booking System settings setup example

One of the most crucial settings of Salon Booking System plugin are represented by a combination of different options that will represent your salon booking real availabilities. During the time […]

7 Best WordPress Appointments Booking Plugins for the Health Care Market

Are you working on a website project for the health care market? Are you looking for the best WordPress Appointments Booking Plugins to manage online reservations in the industry? Whether […]

Salon Booking System issues and the complexity of a WordPress plugin

  How to track down the possible issues you are experiencing with our plugin? This article could be very helpful for you: https://salonbookingsystem.helpscoutdocs.com/article/94-how-to-debug-issues

Salon Booking System speed optimization

In this article we’ll provide you some crucial information on how to optimize the speed of the booking process with Salon Booking System and offer to your website users a […]

How to change text strings on Salon Booking System plugin

It can happen that you need to use a different wording on Salon Booking plugin, in this guide I’ll show you the possible solutions. Languages different from English   For […]

Come sincronizzare Salon Booking con Google Calendar

In questo video spieghiamo come avviene la sincronizzazione tra Salon Booking System e Google Calendar. Vi mostreremo inoltre come avviene la pubblicazione automatica su Google Calendar delle prenotazioni create tramite […]

Blocking hours slots from back-end calendar with your phone

This video will show you how easy is to block out some hours slots from Salon Booking back-end calendar using your mobile phone. This feature is very useful when you […]

Prima installazione e settings generali del plugin

In questo video tutorial vi spieghiamo come installare ed impostare correttamente il plugin in modo da farlo funzionare correttamente.  

Salon Booking short-codes to simplify your life and make a better website

Salon Booking System plug-in is equipped with a set of useful short-codes that will help you implement some important functionalities inside the pages of your website in a very simple […]

Booking classes with Salon Booking System plugin

In this post I’ll show you how to use Salon Booking System plugin to manage booking for your classes. Since the 3.22 version Salon Booking System plugin has a new […]

Email notifications problems and troubleshooting

If you are experimenting problems with bookings email notifications please have a look at the following guidelines.   CASE A – No email notifications to salon administrator, nor to salon […]

How to collect feedback from your customers
Adding reservations from back-end calendar

Look at this video to see how easy is adding reservations and blocking time-slots from the back-end calendar:

Salon Booking plugin first install

A short video tutorial on how to make your first install of Salon Booking plugin.

Salon Booking 3.19 introduces custom fields

Hi, we’ve just released a new version of Salon Booking System: 3.19 In this new version we’ve added the possibility do add “custom fields” on checkout booking form. Now you […]

How to use Salon Booking Advanced Discount System

In this new video of the Salon Booking Handbook series, I’ll teach you how to enable and setup the “Advanced Discount System” tool. This tool, previously sold separately as an […]

How to customize booking form wording

Hi! In this new video, I’ll show you how easy is to change the wording of the front-end booking form with few clicks. You just need to be logged in […]