Share your experience with Salon Booking

Hi! this is a message to the current users of Salon Booking. We need five minutes of your time to submit a review of our product on Capterra website. Receiving feedback from you is a crucial task for us because we got precious information that we’ll use to improve...

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Salon Booking plugin 3.15

Salon Booking plugin 3.15 version

  Hi! We’ve come back from holidays with a brand new version of Salon Booking with a great new feature. We’ve bundled inside Salon Booking plugin our official Advanced Discount System add-on. This means that from now on all our users can benefit of an advanced discount system that...

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Salon Booking 3.13 is ready to go

Hi, we are ready to launch a new version of Salon Booking that will bring a set of brand new features. Let’s see them into details: Adding reservations from back-end calendar As promised we’ve completed the improvement of the back-end calendar daily view. Finally you can add reservations straight...

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