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edit customers details from the mobile web app
Features improvements
Dimitri Grassi

Edit customers details from the Mobile Web App

You can finally manage the customer’s personal details from the Mobile Web App. Just access the Mobile Web App using the dedicated URL and go to “Customers address book screen”. Click on the customer’s name and you’ll be redirected to the customer’s personal details form. Make your changes and click on “Update customer” button. Then click on “Go back” button to return on the Customers address book screen. This feature is available from Salon Booking System 9.9 PRO edition.      You can find all the details about the

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case study
Dimitri Grassi

A London based therapists company uses our appointments booking system

Today we want to present you Target Therapies, a London based company specialized in providing Onsite Massages Therapies for business that want to offer a special benefits for their employees’ wellness. Jump to a specific section: What kind of services this therapists company is offering? How this therapists company is using Salon Booking System? Which tools the therapists company is using to manage their operations? Which results this therapists company get after using Salon Booking System?   What kind of services this therapists company is offering? Target Therapies provides a

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