Spryng SMS Addon for Salon Booking

Spryng SMS for Salon Booking System

Spryng SMS Add-on for Salon Booking is the official add-on that allows you to send SMS notifications to all phone numbers in the world using the world-class  SMS gateway  spryng.nl.


Why Spryng is No. 1 in SMS for Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail sector:

  • No set up or monthly costs.
  • Free testing.
  • Founded in 2006 with the aim minimizing no shows in healthcare, by sending appointment reminders via SMS.
  • ISO 27001 certified (and NEN 7510).
  • Servers based in Frankfurt (AWS).
  • 24/7 support in DE/BE/ NL/ ENG/ ES/ FR.


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To use this add-on you will need to have a Spryng SMS account. An account is free-of-charge. You only pay for the SMS messages that are sent.


How to use

1 – Install and activate Spryng SMS Addon for Salon Booking

2 – Activate your license going to “Plugins >  “Spryng SMS Addon for Salon Booking License”

3 – Go to “Salon Booking > Settings > General > SMS Services” and select “SMS Hosting” provider Spryng from the drop-down.

  1. From your “Spryng SMS account > Security” section create an API Key and copy the key and paste it inside Salon Booking “Token” field
  2. Enter the “Route” code
  3. Enter your country code ie. +31 for Netherlands, +46 for Norway or +47 for Sweden.
  4. In the “Sender” field fill in with the desired sender of the SMS.


You can test your settings from the “SMS test console”.

  • Enter a mobile number to use for test
  • Enter your message
  • click on “Update settings”

You’ll get a message on page refresh if the sending is successful or not.

Excluding 22% tax

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