Sms Hosting Addon for Salon Booking

smshosting addon


Smshosting Addon for Salon Booking is an official add-on that allows you to send SMS notifications using the italian provider Smshosting.


Here the instructions to use this add-on.


smshosting addon


1 – Install and activate Smshosting Addon for Salon Booking


2 – Activate your license going to “Plugins > Sms Hosting Addon for Salon Booking License”


3 – Go to “Salon Booking > Settings > General > SMS Services” and select “SMS Hosting” provider


4 – Place your “Account ID” and “Auth Token” [ you can get them from you account ]


5 – Set your country code ( Italy is +39 ) and your “Sender’s number”




How to get “Account ID” and “Auth Token” ?


smshosting addon


1 – Log-in into you account


2 – Go to “Impostazioni > SOAP/REST API” and find “Credenziali rest api”


3 – Copy your AUTH_KEY and AUTH_SECRET




How to test SMS notifications?


smshosting addon


1 – from “Settings > General > SMS Test console” put your mobile number and write a message then click on “Update settings” button


2 – if you receive the SMS message then everything is working well if not you’ll see an error message on the same page  and follow the instructions to correct your settings.


For more information on Smshosting provider click here


For more support send an email to


Excluding 22% tax

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