Square payment method and POS

Square payment method and POS” is an official add-on that allows you to use Square point of sale app as a new payment method to accept online payments with credit cards and process on venue payments through Square Point of Sale with Salon Booking System plugin.

At the moment Square Point of Sale is supported only on US and Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.


Installation and usage:

  • Download the plugin
  • Install it inside your WordPress website
  • Go to “Plugins > Square payment method license” and digit your license key
  • Go to Salon Booking “Settings > Payments > Payments method” and select “Square” option.
  • Provide your Square account credentials ( read below).
  • Click on “Update” button.

Create a Square Application

  • With your Square account credentials, log-in here: https://developer.squareup.com/apps
  • click on “+” icon
  • enter “Salon Booking System”
  • click on the App
  • select “Production” tab
  • copy the App ID and the Production Access token
square app

Complete the settings on Salon Booking System

  • Paste the Application ID and Production Token inside the plugin settings
  • Scroll down the page and enable Square Pos
  • Enter again the Application ID
  • Activate “POS”, “Credit Card”
  • Copy the “Callback URL”

Final steps

  • Paste the Callback URL inside the “Oauth” section of your Application on Square developer’s portal and hit “Save”
  • Go back to Salon Booking System setting, refresh the page, you’ll be able to select your “Square location”

Process payments trough Square POS from Salon Booking System

This add-on allows you to accept online payments trough Square but also charge your customers trough Square POS at your salon.

To use the POS feature, you need to use a iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad. See the video below:

Excluding 22% tax

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