Bancontact payment method

Bancontact is a payment method from Bancontact Payconiq Company. Bancontact defines the infrastructure of electronic payments as well as the rules that apply between the different parties.

This payment method is available by default on the PRO version of Salon Booking System through Stripe settings.


To enable it, just select “Stripe” from “Settings > Payments” section.

Then enter your Stripe account API key, and then select “Bancontact” from the “payment method” option.


Bancontact payment method


From Bancontact official website:

Bancontact is the most popular online payment method in Belgium, with over 15 million cards in circulation. Customers use a Bancontact card or mobile app linked to a Belgian bank account to make online payments that are secure, guaranteed, and confirmed immediately.

In order to pay with Bancontact, customers are redirected to the Bancontact website or mobile app to authorize the payment and then return to your website where there is immediate notification about the success or failure of the payment.