OVH sms integration

If you are a customer of OVH provider now you can use it’s SMS service with Salon Booking using this add-on.




place your OVH account credentials this way:



in the first filed place your “Application Key”

in the second field you need to place: “Application Secret” and “Consumer Key”

both in the same field separated by a comma.


You need to generate these credentials from here:*&PUT=/sms/*&DELETE=/sms/*&POST=/sms/


Follow this example:

Then you need to add your telephone number or alphanumeric ID inside your OVH control panel:

/ Telecom / Sms /Sender


This telephone number or alphanumeric ID need to be set also inside:

Salon Booking System / General / Sms service / Sender’s number

Excluding 22% tax

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