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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free time-management web application by Google. It became available on April 13, 2006, and exited the beta stage in July 2009. Users are required to have a Google Account in order to use the software.
Google Calendar is an online calendar management service, offered free of charge by Google to Gmail account holders. With Google Calendar you can:
– Create one or more personal calendars, to organise your engagements, events, tasks, reminders, goals, etc.
– Share your calendars with other people, to collaborate or invite to events.
– Import or export your calendars to or from other online services or applications on your computer.
– Synchronise your calendars with your devices, such as smartphones, tablets or PCs.
– Add attachments, notes, locations and Google Meet video conferences to your events.
– Customise the colours, notifications and settings of your calendars.
Google Calendar is a very useful and versatile service that allows you to keep track of your appointments and coordinate with other people. You can access Google Calendar via the official website or via the official app for smartphones and tablets.

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