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Salon Booking System mobile app

Updates:  From November 1st 2022 our mobile apps will be replaced by a Web App accessible from the plugin since the 8.3 version. The current mobile app on the store are not more supported.


Salon Booking System is equipped with a mobile web app that is synchronized with the plugin.

The mobile web app is available for all the users of the Pro version of our plugin and is included into all our subscriptions plan.

The mobile web app has been designed to offer the salon administrator and all the staff members an easy tool to control, manage and create reservations.

The mobile web app can be accessed from a special URL of your website:



Here are the main screens of our mobile app:


Upcoming reservations

salon booking system mobile web app



To access the mobile web app you need to be logged-into your website as “Administrator”.


Grant access to salon staff members

While the website administrator as access to the mobile app by default, if you want to grant access to your salon staff member too,

you need to create an account for each of them on WordPress and assign them a “Salon Staff” role.


Upcoming reservations

This tab displays the upcoming  reservations that have the following statuses:

  • Confirmed
  • Pay later
  • Pending payment
  • Pending

You can filter these reservations by time range and also by assistant, if you have the “Assistant selection” option enabled.


Reservation calendar



The calendar

Here you have a calendar where you can check the reservations by date. We use a color system to easily understand when a date is past or unavailable, when is fully free or when is still free while having already some reservation.


The hours slot

Once you select a date, scrolling down, you’ll see all the single time slots for that date and the reservations of the day. You have a quick overview of the still available slots and add a reservation on a free slot just clicking on the “+” button for the desired hour slot.


Adding a new reservation



Once you selected the desired hour slot for a new reservation you can easily select the customer from your current ones or entering the details for a new customer.

When you add a service or assistant to a reservation, the system will inform you if you are selecting a not available service or assistant by coloring them in orange.


Booking details screen

clicking on an existing reservation you can easily have a look at the details and perform these tasks:

  • Send an SMS to the customer
  • Call the customer
  • Edit the current reservation


Customers address book 

Customers photo gallery

You can create a photo gallery for each of your customer by simply accessing the “Customers address book” section or from an existing reservation.

Step to follow:

  • click on the “image” icon
  • then choose if you want to take a picture from your phone or use an existing photo


You can take/select multiple images for each customer.

You can set a “cover image” by clicking on the “check” icon on the left.

You can also delete a photo.



Web push notifications


We’ve implemented “Web push notifications” system that will notify you when a new reservation is arrived.

Here is a guide on how to enable them:

go to “Settings / General / API service /Onesingnal Notification service” and click on “Generate” link.


Access your Web App and “Allow” notifications from the pop-up notice:




You need to consider that “Web push notifications” have some limits:

– They are fully supported on Android devices, while for iOS they will be supported from 2023 only

– They work only when the browser is open


Multi-Shops compatibility





Our mobile app is available for the following languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Polish
  • Turkish



Follow these suggestions if you have problems using the app.

Login issues


Other issues

If you are experiencing other issues we suggest you to follow this guide:


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