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Booking rules

Full control over the ways and timing the online reservations can be made by your customers to full represent your business timetable in real life.


You can choose among three different bookings methods accordingly with your specific business model.


All reservations have the same duration.


Every reservation has its own duration based on the sum of the duration of the single service booked. Just one assistant to be select at time and he will be considered busy for the duration of the whole reservation.


Every reservation has its own duration based on the sum of the duration of each service booked. One or more assistants can be selected for each booked services. And each assistant will be considered busy for the duration of the single service where he has been associated with.


You can set unlimited booking rules to define precisely which days of the week and which times ranges are available for the online booking.


You can set unlimited holidays rules to control the closing days and time ranges of the year.


Give your customers the power to cancel a reservation during a specific time range  set by you.


Set a desired time range gap after every reservation where new bookings are not possible.

Online payments

Full control over the way your customers can make online payments.


Give your customers the chance to pay only at the venue. This option can combined with online upfront payment.


Ask for a full upfront online payment or ask for a percentage as a deposit.


Process online payments choosing the platform that better suits your needs. You can choose among Paypal or Stripe or you can buy one of our official payments add-ons for Mollie, WorldPay, Square and RedSys.

Do you need a custom payment gateway?

Contact us for an estimate of its integration.


If you just don’t won’t to display the price of your services you are free to do it using this option.


This feature allows you to decide what to do with unpaid reservations. You can automatically cancel them if a customer doesn’t complete the payment after a certain time range.


Full control over the look and feel of the booking form to perfectly match with your website design.


Choose the size of the booking form among three different options the one that best fits with your page design.


Choose your favorite colors combination of booking form elements to better integrate them inside your design using a simple and intuitive settings interface. No coding needed.


A set of options to better manage your staff members inside your booking system.

Online booking availability & Holidays rules

You can set specific Booking rules and Holidays rules for every single assistant in order to control his real and specific availability inside your shop.

Filter assistants by skills

You can assign to each assistant one or more services based on their specific skills so the customers will select the right assistant accordingly with the services booked.

Assistant selection and multiple assistant selection

Give your customers the chance to select just one or multiple assistants during the booking process.


A set of options to better manage your staff members inside your booking system.

No assistant required

If you provide some services that doesn’t need the support of an assistant ( as for example sport facilities) you can take advantage of this option.

Grouping by category

Shops that provides a very large number of services can take advantage of grouping them by category and display them in a more organised and better looking way inside the booking form.

Online booking availability & Holidays rules

As for the assistants even for the services you can set specific Booking rules and Holidays rules for every single service in order to control their real and specific availability inside your shop.

Drag&Drop ordering

Sort the order of your services on front-end with a simple drag&drop from the back-end.

Not only is the plugin easy to use, it also has a modern and professional look & feel. Most wonderful thing is the support. Dimitri responds and helped me resolve my issues very quickly. I highly recommend this plugin.


 (allthatjess – wordpress.org)


Keep track of your customers personal details and their booking history in order to identify habits and feed backs with your shop.

Front-end personal account page

Your customers will have a personal account page where they can take control over their upcoming and past reservations. Manage their cancellation, complete online payments and submit a feedback.

Customer personal details

Take notes of your customers personal details and their personal notes on your shop.

Feed backs submission

Obtain precious feed backs from your customers allowing them to submit a review after every appointment to your shop.

Reservations history and main stats

For each customer you will have some strategic insights represented by some stats as the total amount of reservations made, the average number of reservations made per month and per week as well as the favorite weekdays and time range for bookings.

Notifications & followups

We’ve implemented a complete notification system that use email and SMS to better communicate with your staff and customers.

New reservations email and SMS notification

The shop manager, the staff members and your customer will receive an email and SMS notification every time a new reservation has been made.

Email and SMS follow-up

Keep in contact with your customers sending them a personal message after a specified number of days from their last appointment.

Upcoming reservation email and SMS reminder

Use email and SMS to remind your customers of an upcoming reservation.

Anti-spam SMS verification code

Avoid spam using our sms verification system for new customers.

Bookings calendars

Calendars are the key representation of your appointments agenda, helping you to understand how busy will be your week and to organize your staff members job.

Back-end bookings calendar

Salon Booking offers a back-end calendar with a monthly, weekly and daily view with all reservations details.

Weekly bookings calendar by assistants

You could eventually use a special weekly calendar organized by assistants to be shared with your staff members in order to have a quick view of the daily appointments for each of them.
Simply place a short-code inside a password protected page of your website.

Google Calendar synchronization

Get updated on next reservations even on your Google Calendar account that you can easily control even from your mobile.

A special feature allows shop managers to share reservations on Google Calendar account of their staff members where will be posted only the reservations where that assistant has been booked.


An online appointment booking system is also a place where strategic information are stored by the time and organized into clear reports to provide you useful insights about figures and trends of your shop.

Bookings & revenues

Select your favorite time range and see how many reservations and their value have been made.

Booking & revenues by assistant

Split the previous number by single assistant and understand how well your staff members are working.

Booking & revenues by service

Understand which are the most requested services and the ones that are less desired ones.

Booking & revenues by customers

Discover which are your most valuable customers and think a way to reward them.


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