Salon Booking System upcoming power features

In the upcoming new version of Salon Booking System (7.9), likely ready in a couple of days, we’ll add some fascinating features available for PRO edition of our appointment booking system.

Before going into details, I’d like to share with you some hints about how we are prioritizing the development of the new features of Salon Booking System.

We want you to save more and more time on booking management tasks. That said, if a new potential feature goes into this direction, then we’ll make it.

Now, let’s see the new features in details:


Booking default status

The first feature, already available inside the current release ( 7.8.1 ), allows you to easily set the default status for the reservations added from back-end, letting you saving time on editing this option each time you add a new reservation.


Duplicate booking

This is a brand-new feature that will allow you saving extra hours in bookings creation from back-end by simply cloning an existing reservation into a new one having all the customers details and booking details already copied. You’ll only need to set a date a time for the new reservation.



Assistant based services pricing

We can finally announce that you can now set a different price for a service for each of your assistants, giving you extra flexibility on differentiate the value of a service according to the worker skills and expertise.


back-end settings



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