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Salon Booking System September updates

Hi everyone, we do hope you are well.

Here at Salon Booking System is beginning an important moment of the year.

September is the moment for future planning, to define goals and stay focused on our main purpose:

make Salon Booking System better and better.


In the recently released 3.44.3 version we’ve fixed some issues and added some new features like:

– Transaction fee
– Minimum order amount


We’ve made even some fixes on Multi-Shops add-on and the mobile app too.

About our official Mobile App is already ongoing the development of new features that will make easier doing new reservations and deleting the existing ones.


We’ve added a new add-on that integrate Mailchimp with Salon Booking System.


Well, we have a lot of ongoing new features and improvements that we plan to deliver in the next weeks and months.


We would be very grateful if you would leave an honest review on Salon Booking System profile on Capterra.

Submit your review and get a bonus!

Receiving fresh reviews will help us getting more attention from potential new users and we would be able to collect the right amount of clients to make our business sustainable.


If you are experiencing any kind of problem with our tools, please send us an email, we’ll do our best to fix them.

If you want to share with us some advice on possible improvements of Salon Booking System, please write to us.


Have a nice week-end!

Salon Booking System staff


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