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Salon Booking System plugin first install

salon booking system first install

In this video, I explain how to install and setup Salon Booking System plugin for the first time on your website.

You can install Salon Booking System from your website dashboard, from the “Plugins” section clicking on “Add new”.


You can upload the plugin zip file, if you are using the PRO version for example, or simply searching “salon booking system” on the search input.

Once installed, you need to click on “Activate” button.

At this point you’ll be redirected to  “Welcome page” where we’ll provide you some useful information on how the plugin works.

At this point, you can start with the setup of the plugin.

Here are the main basic options to setup:

  • Go to “settings > general” section and provide all your salon’s contact information
  • If you have more than one assistant and want to let your customers choose them during the booking process, you need to enable the “Assistant selection” option
  • Go to “settings > booking rules” section and set the “How many customers per session” option
  • In the same section set the “Average session duration”, set this option thinking about your shortest service or the minimum hour fraction you want to use
  • scroll down the page and set the “online available days”


Services setup:

  • Go to “Services” section and start adding your services, entering their duration and price

We suggest deleting the “dummy services” created on plugin activation.


Assistant setup:

  • Go to “Assistant” section and start adding your assistants


These are the very basic options to setup in order to start using Salon Booking System. There are many other options to be set according to your specific needs.


The online payments options are available only for the users of the PRO editions, and many other features and the mobile app, are also available to PRO users only.

You can buy one of our subscription plan from here.




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