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Salon Booking System 7.6.8 is ready


In the recently released new version of Salon Booking System, 7.6.8, we’ve implemented some new improvements.

Let’s see them in details.


Last step skipped
If the booking is for free, or if the online payments are disabled, then the last step of the booking process will be skipped and the user will be automatically redirected to your thank you page.

So, no more need for your customers to click on “COMPLETE” button.


Quick booking approval shortcut
If you have “manual booking confirmation” option enabled, now you can quickly approve pending reservations from “Bookings” section, without entering the booking details page.


Booking cancellation UI
We improved the UI of the booking cancellation process when performed from the email notification.


Service with break duration
If a service has a break, on front-end we’ll display its duration as the sum of the service duration + the break length


Assistant selection step skipped
If there is only one available assistant for the selected service, then the assistant selection step will be automatically skipped in order to shorten the booking process.


Editable “Assistants” and “Services” permalinks
You can finally have total control over the slug of “Assistants” and “Services”.


Simplified time-picker from back-end
We removed the double click from the time picker on back-end booking details page.


Re-schedule + Manual booking confirmation improved
If “Re-schedule” option is enabled along with “manual booking confirmation” option, when a user change the date/time of a reservation, then the status of this reservation will be set on “Pending”.


“Add to calendar” links improved
The “Add to calendars” links are now displayed even inside the email notification to the salon administrator.



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