Salon Booking System 3.37

Hi everyone, here in Italy we are facing a very complicated time due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus and we know that many of you are facing the same situation.

Anyway we are continuing working for the improvement of Salon Booking System in order to offering you a better tool.


Here some details about the new version:

Google Calendar synch improvement

Now when a customer re-schedule one of his reservations this changes will be synched trough the Google Calendar connected to the salon.


Back-end calendar daily view improvement

On the booking preview now we’ll display the user first name and last name for an easier customer search.


Multi-shops improvements

If you are using the Multi-Shop add-on now you can use this “shop_id” parameter on the

Book now your live session call

available slots are in your local time-zone

short-code in order to specify which shop to be used for the reservations and skipping the “Shops” selection step. Example:

You can use this parameter even to filter out the reservations displayed on the front-end bookings calendar short-code
in order to show the reservations from a specific shop and its relative assistants. Example:

We’ve also fixed some bugs:

  • Fixed security breach
  • Fixed dummy content generated on every plugin update



If you are experiencing any kind of issue on Salon Booking System please report it to us.


Good luck to all of you!

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