Salon Booking System 3.36

Salon Booking System 3.36 is now available

This new release has been one of the most complicated one in the history of Salon Booking System.

You could remember that on last November WordPress released its 5.3 version that changed an important function that manage its date and time. This change had a dramatic impact on Salon Booking System correct functionality and we’ve been forced to re-factor many parts of our plugin code.

Anyway we’ve worked very hard to adapt Salon Booking to the new changes of WordPress 5.3 and now everything should work well again.

This new version will bring many important improvements and changes, let see them in details:

– New option to disable the “Re-schedule” button
– New option to set how many days before the booking date the “Re-schedule” button is available for customers
– Possibility to request online payments when “Manual booking confirmation” option is enabled
– Booking total amount, discount and net amount displayed on Google Calendar
– If you don’t set “My booking account” page, then no “Manage account” button will be displayed to your customers inside the email notifications
– Salon Staff users role cannot “Permanently trash” the reservations and cannot “Export reservations to a CSV file”

We also made a light restyling of the front-end booking form that will bring a fresher look and feel of the UI that will improves the users experience both on desktop and mobile devices.

A bunch of bugs have been fixed too:

– Facebook log-in from Facebook browser on Android devices
– False “missing mobile number” during the booking process
– Security issue resolved

If after the update you’ll notice any issues please get back to us, we’ll soon fix it.

Thank you for your patience and collaboration.

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