New “SOAP Notes” add-on

Salon Booking System 3.27.1 is ready


A new version of Salon Booking System plugin is ready.

Let’s see what’s new in the 3.27.1 version:


Custom fields for customers profile

We’ve added a new parameter:

“customer_profile” => true


custom_field_b'=> array(
"label" => 'Custom field B',
"type" => 'textarea',
"width" => 'half',
"default" => 'Your default value',
"customer_profile" => true


This parameter specifies that the custom field belongs to the customer profile. So it will be saved inside the customer profile section on back-end, and on customer profile data tab on front-end inside the “Booking my account” page.


Custom SMS notification option

Now you can set-up your favourite SMS message sent to the customers on new reservation and you can also use some tags like:




Back-end calendar assistant view improvement

Now when you switch to “Assistant view” this option will be saved and kept for the next sessions.




This is the detailed change-log:

– Improved back-end assistant/service selection UI
– Back-end calendar “Assistant view” option now is saving the setting
– Fixed missing text-domain text strings
– Updated .pot file with missing text strings
– Fixed bug with Bulgarian language
– Added option to customize SMS notification
– Google Calendar authentication issue fixed
– SMS to multiple assistants fixed
– Added parameter for customers profile custom fields


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