Salon Booking system 3.21 is out


We’ve just released the a new version of Salon Booking system 3.21 and here you can find the list of the brand new features and improvements.


Improved back-end calendar daily view UI to add reservations and block time slots.

We slighlt changed the UI to add new reservations and block time slots from the daily view of the back-end calendar.


Please look at this video:



Front-end shortcodes for Assistant and Services

We’ve added two new short-codes to display on your website pages the list of your assistants and the list of your services saving you a lot of content editing time.


List out your services:

[ salon_booking_services ]

Parameters accepted:

– services
– categories
– styled
– columns


[ salon_booking_services styled=true columns=2 category=“3,4”]

This short-code will display the services of the categories with ID 3 and 4, grouped into two columns using the default plugin style.



List out your assistants:

[ salon_booking_assistant ]

Parameters accepted:

– display ( name,photo, description, skills )
– styled
– columns


Check-out form custom field improvement

We’ve added a new parameter to display the custom field as a whole column or half column:

“width” => ‘half’
“width” => ‘full’



Assistants front-end calendar improvement

We’ve added a new parameter to specify which assistants to display in the calendar.

For example this short-code will display only the assistant with ID: “5”




We’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs that you can see inside the last changelog.


GDPR regulation updates notes

Our development team is working to make Salon Booking System plugin to complay the new european regulation for the personal data treatment called GDPR.

As we are still ongoing on this matter we suggest you to take advantage of the latest version of WordPress 4.9.6 that provide a set of tool for users data management.

At the same time you could consider to install and use a plugin like The GDPR Framework .

In the next days we’ll give you some updates on our side ongoing work.



You can add a checkbox custom field for your privacy policy acceptance on the Salon Booking checkout form adding this code to your functions.php file.

return array(
'custom_field_a'=> array(
"label" => 'I accept the terms of your <a href="#">Privacy Policy</a>',
"type" => 'checkbox',
"width" =>'full'


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