Salon Booking short-codes to simplify your life and make a better website

Salon Booking System plug-in is equipped with a set of useful short-codes that will help you implement some important functionalities inside the pages of your website in a very simple way.

Let’s see in details which are these short-codes.


Front-end appointments calendar by assistant

This short-code is very useful if you want to share with your team or with your customers the upcoming reservations organized by assistant.

This short-code has some parameters that allows you to decide which assistants columns to be displayed.

For example, you could dedicate different pages of your website to display the reservations of your assistants. A page for each assistants. Just place this short-code in this way:

Where 3 is the ID of your assistant.

If you want to display in the calendar two of your assistants just use this way:

By default this calendar is visibile only to your logged in user but we are working to a new parameter that allows you to make it public.

Let’s see it in action:



Services list

Feedback sharing

Duration: 02:00

Price: free

This short-code will save you a lot of time on content editing as it will list out all of your services inside the page where you’ll place it.

It’s equipped with some parameters that will allows you to decide:

– which services to be displayed
– which services category to be displayed
– how many columns to be used to display your services
– if you want to use default css style or not

Let’s see an example:

[ salon_booking_services styled=true columns=“2” category=“3,4”]

Let’s see it in action:


Assistants list



  • Feedback sharing

Frank Zappa

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

  • Feedback sharing

Tom Ford

I probably do have an obsessive personality, but striving for perfection has served me well.

  • Feedback sharing

Frank Suliman

You sleed and beans keep cooking

  • Feedback sharing



  • Feedback sharing


This short-code is like the previous one, it’s a real time saving tool that will list out all of your assistant with relative name, photo, description and skills.

Even here you have some parameters to customize the desired output. By default it will show all the information about every single assistant but you can decide which information to be displayed, how many columns and if to use the default CSS style.

Let’s see an example:

[ salon_booking_assistant columns=“3” display=“name, photo, description”]

Let’s see in action:



There are other two short-codes that are automatically placed inside different pages when the plugin is activated:

Front-end booking form

Book now your live session call

available slots are in your local time-zone

Inside a new page called “booking”


Customer personal account

Forgot password?

Inside a new page called “booking my account”


Do you have any useful suggestion for these short-codes?

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