Salon Booking 3.6 version

We are ready to introduce you our new release.

Our improvements process keeps on without rest to provide you a better booking system and a more valuable experience for your customers.

Let’s start with the brand new features added in this 3.6 version:


– Decimals and thousand options

Now you can decide how to represent decimals and thousand for your pricing list accordingly with your country habits.

Settings > Payments




– Services bookable limit

If you want to limit the number of services bookable at the same time now you have a brand new option to accomplish this need.

Settings > Check-out




– Automatic unpaid reservations cancellation

You can now enable this option if you want that unpaid reservations to be cancelled automatically after a defined time range that you can even set.

When this option is enabled your customers will see a message on the last step of the booking process and even inside their personal booking page in order to hurry them to complete the online payment.

Settings > Payments




– Reservations calendar by assistant

We’ve added a new short-code [salon_assistants_calendar] that will display a calendar of the next days days with the upcoming reservations grouped by assistant.

With this calendar you’ll have a quick view of your assistants weekly agenda.

Just place this short-code inside a page. This page will be visible only to logged-in users, such as your assistants.




– SMS alphanumeric sender ID supported

Now you can use your business name as SMS notification sender ID

Settings > General


Get a better appointments planner tool, without going crazy.

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