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Salon Booking 3.19 introduces custom fields

salon booking custom fields


we’ve just released a new version of Salon Booking System: 3.19

In this new version we’ve added the possibility do add “custom fields” on checkout booking form.

Now you can add as many custom fields as you want, you can choose among these types:

– text
– textarea
– select
– checkbox

You can add this fields trough the functions.php file of your theme using this code:


return array(
'custom_field_a'=> array(
"label" => 'Custom field A',
"type" => 'text',
"width" => 'full',
"default" => 'Your default value',
"customer_profile" => true
'custom_field_b'=> array(
"label" => 'Custom field B',
"type" => 'textarea',
"width" => 'half',
"default" => 'Your default value'
'custom_field_c'=> array(
"label" => 'Custom field C',
"type" => 'select',
"options" => array('option_a','option_b', 'option_c'),
"width" => 'half',
"default" => 'option_a'

'custom_field_d'=> array(
"label" => 'Custom field D',
"type" => 'checkbox'



Once you add this code you’ll be able to manage your custom fields from

Settings > Check-out > Check-out form fields


salon booking custom fields


Your custom fields will be displayed on front-end checkout booking form.


salon booking custom fields



When the user will fill out the form you’ll be able to see the custom fields values inside:

– booking notifications emails
– booking details from back-end


If you want to use a custom field inside the customer profile that use the “customer_profile” = > true  parameter.

This field will be saved inside the customer profile page on back-end and on Booking my account page > user profile tab.


What do you think about it? Do you have any suggestions for us?

Drop us an email!

Have a nice day.

Salon Booking System – Staff


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