Salon Booking 3.17.1 is available

Salon Booking 3.17.1 is available


we’ve made a minor release for Salon Booking that is 3.17.1

In this version there is one big news.

All the translations available from our Transifex account, generously made by the community, are now bundled inside the Salon Booking plugin.

That means that you don’t need to download the single translation from Transifex or request it from us.

Just set your favourite language on your WordPress install and automatically Salon Booking will use that language ( if available ).

It’s important to consider that as the translations are managed for free by the community of Transifex we cannot guarantee for their completeness or correctness.

Anyway you can always correct or complete a translation on your own website using a plugin like “LocoTranslate” or “Polylang” etc.

That said we encourage our user to contribute to Salon Booking translation here on Transifex: