Salon Booking 3.16 is ready to make you happy again



we are back with a new release that will make Salon Booking better and better.

Let’s see what’s new on this 3.16 version.


1 – No more double bookings

We’ve improved the booking process adding a second realtime control during at the end of the booking process to avoid double bookings from users that are making reservation in the same instant for the same time/date


2 – Feedback submission email

We’ve added a new option inside “Settings > General > Automatic feedback submission request”. If enabled an email will be sent automatically to the customer one day after the last visit at your shop asking for a review submission.


3 -DELETE button on back-end booking editing modal window

We’ve added a “DELETE” button inside the “new booking” form from back-end calendar.


4 -Polylang support

We made some fixes in order to support Polylang plugin.


For more details this is our last changelog:


* Added a second availabilty control at the end of booking process to avoid double bookings
* Fixed missing alert on Assistant unavailability when adding reservations from back-end
* Added “DELETE” button on “New reservations from back-end calendar”
* Fixed bug with Swedish language
* Fixed “Invalid license” issue
* Added a new option to send out an email to the client after one day from the last appointment asking for a review submission
* Fixed bug with php 5.3 version
* Added Polylang support
* Removed “Always” option from the “Booking time range”


If you’ll experience any unexpected issue please contact us at support@wpchef.it


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We’ll bring more customers to you, arranging a better appointment for them.

Give it a try, you have 30 days to change your mind.