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Salon Booking 2.2 version

Salon Booking plugin 2.2 version


just few lines to introduce you Salon Booking 2.2 new version.

Our continuos improvement process keeps on without rest to offer you the best experience with our plugin.

On 2.2 version brand new features have been added, let’s go in depth:

1 – Holidays rules

Now you can create as many rules as you want to setup those days  when your shop is off for holidays or bank holiday or whatever reason you have.

2 – Offset between reservations

Now you are able to add a time interval between two sequential reservations where new bookings are not allowed.

3 – New “Tools” section

Now you’ll find a new menù item called “Tools” where we’ve added a field that retrieves all your plugin settings from database in case you need to export them to another WordPress install or for debugging purposes.

We’ve even made some general layout improvements to the back-end Calendar in order to give you a better experience and improve its usability.

We’ve changed the order of submenu items in the back-end of our plugin that reflects a better logic and usability.

We’ve even solved a major bug on our booking algorithm that was affecting some booking cases.

We are still working on a Multi-shop big feature that we count to release by the begin of Febraury that will allow you to manage more branches of your Salon on the same WordPress install.

That’s all for the moment, we are always looking forward to ear your feedback and suggestions.

See you on the next Salon Booking update.


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