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Salon booking 2.0


finally we have been able to release our 2.0 version that marks an important step forward over our continuos development process.

Salon Booking plugin 2.0 version has been equipped with a lot new features that we hope you’ll appreciate soon.

Let’s go in depth:

User booking cancelation from front-end

Your customers now can  cancel a booking from a login protected page on the front-end called “My Bookings account”.

The administrator can decide if to enable or not this feature from the back-end.

Custom services and category order

Now you can set your favourite order for your services and the service’s category using a simple drag&drop from back-end.

Stripe as new payment gateway

We have added Stripe as a second payment method alternative to PayPal. You can choose from back-end settings which one to use.

Custom payment methods development guidelines

We provide some guidelines for developers that intend to implement custom payment gateways.

New booking status called “Payment pending” to be used when a new reservation is made from the back-end that require the customer to pay online in order to confirm the reservation.

Furthermore we’ve made many UI improvements such as:

Full redesign  of back-end settings tabs

Much more clear and intuitive UI elements and layout grid in order to simplify  the management of plugin settings

Date and time picker improvements on mobile and tablet

For a better user experience on mobile devices, the date and time picker is now more easy to use.

Services, Bookings, Assistant back-end archives columns informations improved

Now you’ll have all the most important informations just from the back-end archives pages in order to have everything important under control at first sight.

We’ve even solved a bunch of bugs on every front thanks to our users feedback.

What’s next? Well, a lot of things.

For the next release we are working at “Users Review system” to give your customers the opportunity to send you a feedback about  your services. This way you can increase your relationship with your customers and benefit from their comments and suggestions to improve your offer.

Soon we’ll start working over a major improvements that should make our plugin ready for  “Multi Shops” management. We hope to complete this feature by the end of January.



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