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Is our appointment booking system right for you?


On the market there is a plenty of WordPress plugins to manage online bookings and reservations through the website.
Most of them try to offer a solution to all kind of businesses. Our appointment booking system simply not.

Salon Booking plugin has been designed to offer a valid solution to a specific market niche made by those kind of business and activities where a single professional offers his service to a single person on a specific date and time frame only by appointment. That’s it.



Why? Because we do believe that every business has it’s own peculiarities and the “one answer for all problems” formula doesn’t fit well with our philosophy.

We’ve spent months studying what the daywork of a barber, or an hairdresser is like to find out the way to help them saving time and make their job a better job.

Salon Booking is the result of this kind of study and its aim is make those kind of people happy to use it.



If you or your client belong to this kind of market then Salon Booking could really help you out with your reservations management tasks.

Just to be much more explanatory here following some examples of business that could take advantage of our booking appointment system:

  • Barber shop
  • Hairdressers
  • Beauticians
  • Therapists
  • Tutors
  • Machine shops car


Have you used our plugin in a field that has not be listed in this post? Please share with us your story.


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