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Introducing Salon Booking System 9.0 – Experience Effortless Booking with a Fresh Design!



After years of refining, we are thrilled to unveil the revamped front-end booking form, dedicated to enhancing your user experience.

Our primary focus has been on streamlining the booking process for mobile users, acknowledging the prevalence of mobile devices among salon clientele.

The new booking form boasts a sleek and modern design, streamlining the booking process by relocating confirmation and payment buttons to the “Summary” step.

A pivotal improvement lies in the fixed height of the form, ensuring users have a comprehensive view of navigation elements. This eliminates the need for excessive scrolling through lengthy service lists to find the “next step” button.

To further enhance user guidance, we’ve introduced a progress bar, keeping clients informed about their progress and reducing the rate of incomplete bookings.

Rest assured, the new booking form retains its original three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – and offers customization options for color combinations.

On mobile devices, navigation buttons have been strategically fixed for effortless accessibility, simplifying the entire process.

Our booking form has undergone extensive testing on WordPress standard themes and the Hello theme for Elementor. While potential conflicts may arise with other minor themes, we are committed to ensuring broad compatibility.

Get a sneak peek of the fresh layout at:

We invite you to explore the enhanced booking experience, especially on mobile devices. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive for perfection in catering to your salon booking needs.


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