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An improved appointment booking system

appointment booking system

Hi! In the last release we made, 7.5, we made some improvements on our appointment booking system in order to offer you an even better booking management experience.

Let’s see in details what’s new in this last version.

New visual aids inside the “Bookings” section of back-end.

We’ve made some visual changes to the bookings statues in order to give you a much more quick overview of your reservations.

We’ve used different colors to highlight the reservation status.


appointments booking improvements


We’ve also added the Assistants thumbnails with the same purpose, to easily identify the person in charge of a specific reservation.

This feature is working only if you are using thumbnails for your assistants.

A new column “Duration” has been added too, to provide you a quick overview of a booking duration.

We’ve improved the UI of the Assistants and Service settings page, applying the same visual approach made for the plugin main settings.

The goal is to provide a more enjoyable visual organization of the different settings of those pages.


Same story has been made on the Multi-Shops add-on settings page.


Now, you’ll find a more clear organization of the “Shops” setting, but also in the Assistants and Services for the part related to the single shops settings.

As usual, we’ve fixed some more bugs related to the back-end calendar and also for the “Off-set” option when used in combination with more than one “Customers per session”.


In the upcoming version, planned for the end of the month, we are working on the following features:

– Visual aids to check the status of planned tasks, like: SMS and email reminders

– Automatic cancellation of the past “Holidays rules” for the assistants

With the hope that these improvements could provide you a better experience with our plugin, Salon Booking System, I’d like to thank you for keep on trusting us.


Any kind of suggestion from you is always welcome!



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