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How to import data into Salon booking system plugin

Let’s say you’ve decided to migrate from your current booking system to Salon Booking and you don’t want to populate by hand your current customers, services and assistant into our plugin.

What could be a quick and easy to use solution?

Our new “Advanced data importing tool”.

You can find this tool inside the “Tools” section of Salon Booking.


What do you need exactly?

Jus a comma separated values files. One for customers, one for assistants and one for services.

It’s important that the file use “comma” as data separator.

Once you have these file you only need to drag them one at time inside the corresponding importing section.

Click on “Import” and a modal window will be opened.

In this window you need to match the column of your original file with the ones of our system. You need to match at least the required columns. You can skip the other columns if your file doesn’t have that kind of data.

Once matched the required columns click “Import”.
The modal window will be closed and the importing process will be started.

Be careful until the importing process is not finished you should not change page or close your browser window.

A status bar will indicate you the ongoing process. Wait until a success message is displayed.

For big files the importing process could last minutes.

Another important thing to consider is that when you import new customers WordPress automatically creates account for them and it will send out the email notifications to each of them.

If you don’t want this to happen install a plugin that disable the “Wordpress welcome email”.

Please have a look at this animation to see how the importing process works.



import data into salon booking

Well this feature is available on every version of Salon Booking.

In case of doubt, get back to us.

Have a nice weekend!

The Staff


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