How to translate Salon Booking plugin into your language

UPDATE 13/12/2017

Since the 3.17 version Salon Booking has bundled all the available translations from Transifex. 

That means that you only need to set your favorite language on your WordPress settings then Salon Booking will automatically use that language, if available.

You can always improve the available translation using a plugin like “LocoTranslate” or similar.



If you need to translate our plugin into your own language this is the guide you need to read before proceeding.

Before starting translating the plugin you better check on web platform if someone has already did it for you.

Go to this address:

Look at the available translations, and if you find the one you need, let’s create an account, it’s free.

Once logged in you can decide what to do, if simply to download the translation and use it, or to request to be added as “translator” to complete or improve the translation you are interested in.

Let’s say you want to use one of those available translations for your plugin.

These are the step to follow.

1 ) Download the translation file from transifex.

Look at the screen print:


2 ) Rename the .po file this way: “salon-booking-system-xx_XX.po”, where xx_XX is the language code.

3 ) Generate the .mo file.

Open your .po file with the translation software Poedit. Once opened click on “File > Save”.
Once you’ve saved a new file is created:

4 ) Upload both files, .po and .mo, inside the “wp-content/languages/plugins/” folder of your WordPress install.

That’s it. Check out if everything works well on your website.

Important to know: If you don’t want to loose your translations after an update of Salon Booking plugin, always choose to store them into:

“wp-content/languages/plugins/” folder.


Translations updates.


When we make a new release often happens that we add some new text strings.

How to update your own translation?

You need to know that all the existing text strings inside our plugin are stored in a file called salon-booking-system.pot that you can find inside the “/languages” folder of Salon Booking plugin.

This file it’s updated by us every time we make a new release.

So, you have different choices:

1 ) Go back to Transifex and complete the missing translations and repeat the process described above.

2 ) Using a WordPress plugin for translations such as Loco translate.

When you open your translation with Loco translate remember to click on “Sync” button before start translating.
This step is very important to allow the system to recognise the new text strings.

3 ) Update your translation using Poedit

Open your “salon-booking-system-xx_XX.po” file with Poedit software, click on “Catalog” and then “Update from POT” or “Update from Sources”. Add the missing translations and then “Save”. At this point you can upload the .po and .mo file updated.


We’ve to say that this last method require a minimum knowledge of Poedit application. We suggest you to use a WordPress plugin for translation.


What to do if some text strings keep not translated?


Sometimes happens that it seems that you’ve translated all text strings, then when you use our plugin some text keeps into original language.

What’s could be the problem?

Most probably you’ve worked on an outdated .po file, that means that not all the text strings ready to be translated are present inside your .po file.

What to do then?

If you use Loco translate or other translation plugins open your translation and click on “Sync” button and search for the missing translation word.

With Poedit open your .po file, click on “Catalog” then “Update from POT” and search for the missing word.
If nothing happens, click on “Catalog” then “Update from Sources” and search again for the missing word.

As we said before you need to have a good knowledge of Poedit in order to use it.

If you still are not albe to find that missing word then report it us we will try to support you.

The golden rule when something goes wrong with translation is to make a research inside your .po file or inside salon-booking-system.pot file. Open it with a text editor and run a “Find” of the word you need to translate. If you find it inside the file that means that you have missed something during your translation process.

If you don’t find it at all that means that is up to us to fix it. That’s it.


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