How to make an appointment booking website

We want to thank Tyler Moore for this amazing video tutorial where he provides a full guide on how to make an appointment booking website using Salon Booking System.

In this video Tyler will guide you through the whole process you should follow to create a website for a beauty center equipped with an appointment booking system from scratch.

The tutorial is very complete and detailed as it will analyze all those most important steps for the production of such a website. It’s highly recommended for those who doesn’t have a professional skill level of WordPress development and want to improve their command of WordPress main features.

These are the chapters of this tutorial:


Who can benefit from this tutorial?

This tutorial could be really helpful for those people that need to make a website for consultants, dog groomers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, therapists, dentists, dermatologists, salons, trainers, setting up meetings, or zoom meetings– or anyone who needs to make an appointment with you.


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