How to connect Salon Booking System with Google Meet

I’ll describe you the steps you need to follow to connect Salon Booking System with Google Meet

The goal is to automatically set a virtual meeting session after a reservation.

This guide will be helpful if you use our plugin to set a virtual meeting with your clients.



  •  Salon Booking System installed on your website
  • Google / Gmail account
  • an account on ( a free account is ok too)


Zap summary:

  • Trigger app – Salon Booking System – new booking 
  • Action app –  Google Meet – new meeting


Step-by-step process:

  • Log-into your account or create a new one
  • click on this “private zap invitation link” :
  • click on “Accept invite and build a zap” button
  • click on “Create a zap” button



  • search for “Salon Booking System WordPress plugin” and select
  • Trigger event: Choose an event  / select “new booking”
  • Choose account:  click on “Connect a new account” – a pop-up window will be opened
    • Enter the “Site URL” ( from Salon Booking Sysem / settings / general / API service / Zapier / Site url )
    • Enter the “API key” ( from Salon Booking Sysem / settings / general / API service / Zapier / Api key )
  • Setup trigger: “Booking status” / Choose value ( select which booking status to be considered to set a meeting ) ex: “Paid”, “Confirmed” or “Pay later”



  • Choose App event / Google Meet
  • Action event / New meeting
  • Choose an account / select your Google/Gmail account


Setup action:

  • Calendar: select the Google Calendar to be used to set the meeting
  • Summary: select the “booking details” to be used inside the event details ( ex: Customer first name, Customer last name )
  • Description: as above, you can decide which booking details you want to display inside the “Description” field of the event
  • Start date & Start time: select “Booking date” and “Booking time”
  • End date & End time: use the same fields as above ( in the next releases will add the “booking end date & time”) too.
  • Attendee email: select “Customer email”



It’s time for a test, and then “Turn on” your Zap.

From now on, when you receive or add a reservation on your website trough Salon Booking System, a new meeting will be automatically set on Google Meet.

The event will be added to your Google Calendar.  An email will be sent to your customer ( attendee ) with the link to the virtual meeting.




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