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As you know, one of the main reasons for a potential user to choose a certain piece of software is reading from the others experiences, so the more positive are the reviews, the more will be the chances that that person will opt for your software.

For these reasons, we would like to offer an incentive to those of you that are really satisfied by Salon Booking System and are willing to share their positive experience with the community.

We are offering 10 licenses of the “Basic” plan for free to those of you that will submit a review on in the next ten days.

The more are the positive reviews we collect, the bigger will be the visibility of Salon Booking System on the WordPress plugins repository and the bigger will became our community.

Be part of our growing process, submit a positive review.


Details on the incentive:

Once you have submitted the review, email providing the URL of your review.
We’ll send you back the coupon code to get our PRO license for free.

Thank you for you time.

Dimitri and Luigi

from Salon Booking System

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