New “SOAP Notes” add-on

How could we simplify your work with Salon Booking System?



Here at Salon Booking System, we are always trying to figure out in which way our customers can better benefit from our plugin and our support team.

We are pretty aware that there are many areas of improvements of the plugin, but before making the next move we would like to listen from your experience first.

You, more than anyone else, have a clear picture of which tasks, related to the appointments managements, are taking more effort from you or your staff members.

For this reason, you can point us into the right direction, highlighting those “pain points” that urge a reliable solution from us.


That said, just dedicate few minutes of your time to answer to a very short survey, providing your personal experience tip on where Salon Booking System could really help you out and make the difference.

Think about at those repetitive tasks that you are regularly performing during your appointment management activities and how they could be cut down.

Think also at some information that could be useful for your business to have, and that could be generated from the all reservations that your customers regularly made through your website and our plugin.


If you are not the final user of the plugin, but you have installed it on the website of your clients or friend, you can also make your part sharing some feedback your clients reported to you relating to our plugin.

Our goal is to collect the more insightful feedback possible from all of you, and to transform them into the next big feature of our plugin.


Are you ready to take part of this global brainstorming?



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