“FUCKYOUCOVID19” the hope promotion

As you well know here in Italy, but also many of you around the world, we are still facing a very hard time due to the outbreak of this pandemic and all the problems that it’s causing to our families and our companies.

The lockdown imposed has generated a critical slow down of all business sectors and for us the shut down of thousand of salons around the globe is also affecting our daily activities.

We do know that is an hard time for everybody and we want to make our little part in this global fight.

From today and for the next three days we want to make a promotion offering our subscribing packages at 50% of their current prices.

Just use this coupon code during the checkout:




We hope that this discount can encourage some of you that are still planning their future activities and want to keep on, to overcome the fear for the future and being positive that even this hard times will end.

As you might image is so crucial for us having a steady stream of incomes in order to keep on paying our developers and keep on maintaining and improving our booking system.

We don’t want to quit! We want to be positive and keep on fighting with you.

Good luck to you all and FUCKYOUCOVID19